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Purple Mattress Lawsuit Update 2022 – A Detailed Storyline

Purple mattresses are the most sought-after mattresses that are available online due to their gel-like texture and super comfortability. The mattress is the only one that features Hyper-Elastic Polymer

Are you thinking about what caused the lawsuit?

A review was posted about Purple mattress that the company is using an anti-tack powder on their mattresses which causes irreversible damage to the body

But how was it done?

Let’s check out this detailed guide about the lawsuit.

Purple uses polyethylene-based powder (which is normally called white powder) in the making of their mattresses

What is used in the making of Purple Mattresses?

They contain crystal elements which stabbed in the skin 

It causes back and side sleepers

People stressed out with collecting heat

Side Effect of Purple Mattress

The website show 0% side-effects, but there was something that only Ryan Monahan from Honest Mattress Reviews found out

Monahan claimed that the powder used in the Purple mattresses can develop harmful reactions to your health

Purple filed a potential lawsuit against the Honest Mattress Review

How did the Purple Mattress Controversy begin?

Apart from the purple mattress lawsuit powder, the product has been people’s favorite for many reasons for a long time. Of course, every coin has two sides to look for, such as the purple mattress