who gets to stay in the house during separation


For claiming your rights in these scenarios, you can register your rights of a matrimonial home in the land registry.


6 Ways to divide property during divorce or separation



Sometimes, it’s easier for couples to sell all the stuff including the house and divide the share equally and leave the past as it never happened. If things are the same for you, you can easily choose to sell everything and divide the value.

Asset division


If selling the house or valuable goods doesn’t excite you, you can divide things like furniture and vehicle, etc.

Make exchanges


 If your spouse chooses to have furniture and your car in exchange for a house, deal for exchanging other things according to their value..

Auction or bid


You can also plan an auction for your house and stuff and decide to have an equal share of the price.



If any of the options brings no success, then you can try having a third-party suggestion from a non-emotional perspective. By putting a mediator in-between, you can hope to have a fair share of everything in question.



If mediation doesn’t work for you, seeking arbitration might help you last. This could be an efficient decision if you don’t want to see the court for your asset and property division.