Golo Lawsuit Another Diet Drug Manufacturer Faces a Lawsuit

Another pill manufacturer in the diet pill market came under a class-action lawsuit.

GOLO lawsuit is all about mislabeling and false advertisement of products claiming to be effective in weight loss and providing health benefits.

The CEO of the company Chris Lundin says:

“As a company, our mission is to provide healthy lifestyle solutions to consumers and when false and fake reviews are given, we feel we need to protect consumers, as well as our brand. While we cannot change the untrue statements that aired on the show, we are committed to doing what is right to help ensure the well-being of consumers.”

The GOLO diet pills are sold and are advertised nationwide as a ‘natural solution to insulin resistance. Insulin, which the GOLO LLC thinks is a major element that hinders weight loss in both men and women.

The estimates says that almost thousands of customers who bought GOLO dietary pills are indirectly affected by the company’s fraudulent and misleading behavior.

Other Pills

pills of Belviq

Belviq XR

These dietary pills claimed somewhat similar claims of losing weight.


The recall was further promoted by the Safety clinical trial which suspected that the drug may be linked with the risk of cancer.

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