Truvada Action Lawsuit

Truvada is known as an antiviral drug that is used to prevent HIV cells from accumulating in the body. It is a composition of different chemicals including Emtricitabine and Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate (TDF).

Truvada is one of the most profitable drugs for the pharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences, Inc. The revenue this medicine produces makes up to 67% of the total revenue of the company. In 2018, the company generated over $14.5 billion from Truvada.

But, these drugs have been suspected to cause bone damages and develop kidney diseases. In connection to this, many lawsuits have been filed by individuals. The allegations were that Truvada’s bioactivity prevents filtering the blood adequately and eventually leads the body to develop kidney disorders and failure.

On May 8, 2018, lawsuits were filed against Gilead Sciences, in which plaintiffs complained that it develops kidney and bone damages.

Truvada Lawsuit Settlements

There were more than hundreds of lawsuits filed against the Gilead Science Company that are still unconcluded in the courts, as Gilead’s quarterly report says. People have filed lawsuits alleging that Gilead did not inform them about the side effects that Truvada will cause in order to make money. Moreover, it has also been alleged that the company knowingly hid the information that it affects the kidney and damages bone.

Gilead strongly rejected the lawsuits against Truvada, and also stated that:

“While we believe these cases are without merit, we cannot predict the ultimate outcome. If plaintiffs are successful in their claims, we could be required to pay significant monetary damages.”

Allegations In The Class Action Lawsuit Against Gilead Include:

  • Gilead failed to disclose the side effects on bones and kidneys caused by Truvada to the patients.
  • The company did not inform about the side effects to those who were suffering from pre-existing bones and kidney diseases.
  • To sell the drugs, Gilead miscommunicated the benefits and risks of Truvada and its HIV prevention drugs.
  • The company did not inform that TDF had a notable risk of bones and kidney damage.

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There may be a ton of questions in your mind about why such a big name like Gilead did something like this to make money and how you can claim damages. In the following section, we try to answer the questions that will help you understand better if you should file a lawsuit and how to do it.

Plaintiffs mainly comprise of people who have seen their loved ones suffer from kidney and bone diseases, which was caused after using Truvada TDF produced by Gilead Science Inc.

Medical problems such as fatal and lactic acidosis are the result of kidney failure and kidney damage; which develop in patients after the consumption of Truvada drugs

Failure of kidney function and deficiency of mineral density causes bone loss.

You should stop taking Truvada if you develop severe medical complications regarding kidneys and bones after taking these drugs.

Yes, Truvada is toxic as the number of side effects reported from HIV patients. Reports said the Truvada is highly toxic.