Is diabetes a disability? Can you apply for disability benefits if you have diabetes?

Is diabetes a disability

Diabetes is an intricate medical condition where it gets difficult for a body to maintain good levels of glucose. In the United States, state laws vary if somebody wants to know if diabetes is a disability. However, under many state laws, the adverse effects of type 1 and type 2 diabetes bring diabetes under disability … Read more

Is sleep apnea a disability? How does the FDA define disability?

Is sleep apnea a disability How does the FDA define disability

Employment laws in the United States restrict employers to discriminate against employment opportunities based on disabilities. To the same extent, EEOC – The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission isn’t sure whether sleep apnea meets the definition presented by ADA. This initiated the uncertainties with sleep apnea sufferers and they are seeking answers for ‘Is sleep apnea … Read more

Emotional distress in a personal injury lawsuit

Emotional distress.

When you get an injury after a collision, you suffer emotional damage even more than any physical damage. If you file a successful personal injury lawsuit, emotional distress could be the major component that you usually get compensated for in addition to the compensation you receive as a recovery of your economical or financial losses … Read more

The Tort of Negligence: A legal term by law

Tort of Negligence

Negligent versus intentional torts When you are harmed by someone else, emotional abuse usually comes into a particular legal category known as torts. A tort is wrongdoing that causes harm to a person or property of someone else. Torts may be either negligent (i.e. done without rational care – tort of negligence) or deliberate (i.e. done on purpose … Read more

What does a therapist have to report to the police?

what does a therapist have to report to the police

Therapy is a protected spot to uncover the most profound, haziest mysteries, questions, and weaknesses, realizing that you won’t be rebuffed and that what you said won’t be uncovered. Truly, that is the general purpose of the entire thing. Psychologists are needed to follow an expert set of accepted rules to keep up the trustworthiness … Read more