About Us

The legal world appears complex to any person who is not associated with the legal fraternity or has limited knowledge about the constitution. But this shouldn’t be the case. Every person has the right to exercise their legal rights, if they are wronged by an individual or a large conglomerate. But lack of knowledge about complex legal issues is the major deterrent for people, especially when it comes to filing class action lawsuits against large corporations. This is why we came up with the initiative we call “The Law Advisory.”

We made this website to educate people about their legal rights and empower them to hold big corporations accountable if they have caused any sort of harm. We are a company on a mission to empower people and enable them to standup for their rights. But holding companies accountable once the damage is done is just one part of class action lawsuit the other aspect of it filing a class suit when you identify any practice of a company that may cause harm to the community. The Law Advisory is all about sharing legal advices, news, and opinions on the active cases with relevant references and detailed analysis so that you get adequate knowledge about the matter concerning you or your community.

We have the brightest legal minds who share their insights and courtroom experiences with you via The Legal Advisory in an attempt to educate you about your rights, entitlements, and the process of submitting your complaints to the relevant authorities.


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