Is Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo safe for children? Does it really contain a cancer-causing substance?

Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo safe

The US healthcare giant Johnson and Johnson once again found itself under the spotlight after the drug controller in Rajasthan concluded that baby shampoos manufactured by the company were not of the standard quality. Johnson and Johnson had previously settled various cases outside the court when it was accused that the company’s talcum powder allegedly … Read more

How to stop bank account garnishments? Is it better to prevent one in the first place?

how to stop a garnishment

When the court of law orders a third party to withhold your money or seize your property in order to make payments to a creditor whom you haven’t repaid, the setting is referred to as garnishment. Wage garnishment is when your employer is instructed to make deductions from your paycheck whereas bank account garnishment is … Read more

What is False imprisonment: False imprisonment lawsuit cases

False imprisonment lawsuit cases

False imprisonment is when an individual (without having the legal justification or authority) deliberately restrains the ability of another person or a group to move freely. This illegal act is considered false imprisonment. The victims, held under false imprisonment can claim false imprisonment lawsuit cases and are liable to ask for compensation for their damages … Read more