Ghost, goblin, and lawsuits? Watch out for these 5 Bizarre Halloween lawsuits and take precautions in advance!

Bizarre Halloween lawsuits and take precautions in advance

Halloween is that time of the year in which you can be whatever you want, even if that means just putting on a weird pumpkin costume. However, sometimes you can get into legal trouble due to costume malfunctions, resulting in court filings against you. Or, in some cases, you can be the one filing a … Read more

Is Zinus mattress fiberglass dangerous? Learn about the ongoing lawsuit against the complaints received from customers

Is Zinus mattress fiberglass dangerous

A lawsuit has been filed against the company Zinus, with plaintiffs claiming that the mattresses release glass fibers that are dangerous to health. The fiberglass is added to the products in order to add strength and fire resistance. According to a statement given by the company, it claims that it provides quality products to the … Read more

Patients filed a Lawsuit against Lipitor: Lipitor Lawsuit

Patients filed a lawsuit against Lipitor

Pfizer’s Lipitor is an atorvastatin calcium drug that FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved in 1996. Mainly, the drug is used to control cholesterol levels by regulating an enzyme that produces bad cholesterol. When patients take this drug, the triglycerides and bad cholesterol in their bodies get reduced as it blocks the HMG-CoA reductase. Moreover, … Read more

A Series of Broken Promises: Johnson and Johnson faced another OGX Lawsuit

Johnson and Johnson faced another OGX lawsuit

Smooth, Revive, And Nourish Just a few words are enough to convince you to buy a new shampoo or haircare range. However, you must research or consult a dermatologist whenever you want to switch your current hair products. The ever-loving OGX shampoo and conditioners named under Johnson & Johnson brand have come under hair loss … Read more

Largest TCPA Settlements: Here’s What You Need to Know about TCPA Robocall Settlements

tcpa settlement

From just 2010 to 2015, there was a drastic shift in complaints received by FTC (Federal Trade Commission) concerning the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) violation. TCPA violations had reached up to many almost 250,000 as of each month on average and the number of lawsuits claiming the violations tenfold within five years from 345 … Read more

Is TRESemmé in a Lawsuit? Philadelphia Women filed TRESemmé Lawsuits, saying the Iconic Brand causes Hair Damages

tresemme lawsuit

Update: Unilever faced backlash from class action lawsuits in New Jersey, and in Canada over allegations that their TRESemmé keratin shampoo and conditioner causes hair loss and scalp irritation. In March 2021, the FDA further issued an update regarding the notice related to formaldehyde and hair smoothing products. December 2020 was the year when two … Read more

Purple mattress lawsuit: What brings Purple mattress controversy to light?

Purple mattress controversy

Purple mattresses are the most sought-after mattresses that are available online due to their gel-like texture and super comfortability. The mattress is the only one that features Hyper-Elastic Polymer which intends to deliver both support and pressure-relieving sensation at the same time. A myriad of mattresses are reviewed by different review websites and found out … Read more

Dare county Lawsuit settlement over non-local property owner’s rights

Dare county Lawsuit

Dare county lawsuit has been settled in the federal court after the claims of Outerbank’s property owners that the COVID-19 emergency violated their constitutional rights and prevented them from accessing their own homes. At the beginning of March 2020, government officials all over the world shut their doors and airspaces for the non-locals, especially for … Read more