Claim your share from the $1.5 million welch food settlement against misleading labeling

The food industry has seen yet another lawsuit settlement against misleading labeling. Welch Food Inc. has now agreed to resolve the class action lawsuit. The popular company brand was alleged to have misleading labeling on three of their said 100% natural fruit juices. The Welch food settlement took $1.5 million to resolve the dispute between the plaintiffs and the defendants.

 According to the lawsuit, the plaintiffs claimed that three of their grape juices that were advertised as benefiting heart health allegedly led to detrimental heart diseases and posed a noticeable increase in blood sugar levels. However, the defendants – Welch Foods Inc. chose to stand to the benefits the juices can provide denying all the allegations but summing up the litigation by compensating the customers.

If you have been using Welch products, specifically these three grape juices, then hold on, you may be eligible to get financial compensation against any health condition that you bore while using the product.

Welch Food settlement – Find if you are eligible

To see if you are eligible for the compensation, you need to find out if you have purchased these three products between 23rd March 2016 and 1st October 2021 while living in the United States;

However, it is necessary that they have been purchased for household use, not for retail, sale, or distribution purpose.

Proof of purchase

Although you do not necessarily need to show the proof of your purchase in order to have the reimbursements against your loss. You can easily claim your settlement amount and increase your chances to get compensation by just submitting these documents;

  • Receipts
  • Purchase order
  • Invoices
  • Similar papers indicate the quantity of the product, the date, and the money you spent on the purchase.

Welch food settlement claim amount

Plaintiffs and the class members claiming the reimbursements without proof by submitting valid and timely claims are subjected to get a $1 compensation amount against each product purchase they made. These reimbursements will be made based on the number of products purchased between 23rd March 2016 and 1st Oct 2021.

A maximum of 12 products can be claimed by each class member. Thus, the ones who are entitled to get a reimbursement will be awarded a $12 payment maximum. There will be no increased level of amount even if the proof of purchase is submitted. However, depending on the total cost deduction that contains attorney’s fees, court fees, and other court charges – the total funds claimed can be increased or decreased.

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Welch Food settlement class-action lawsuit summary

Welch Food Inc. has resolved a class-action lawsuit against three of its products that they claim are beneficial for heart and other health complications. The US consumers claimed that the company misled the community by falsifying the product details and engaged in misleading advertising of three of its products.

The lead plaintiff claimed that the advertised products make false claims that they support cardiac health and were advertised that they are heart-friendly. However, they have all the possibilities to increase cardiovascular ailments. 

Curtis Hanson, the lead plaintiff, filed a lawsuit against the grape juice manufacturers Welch Food Inc. in March 2020. Curtis not only claimed for the monetary reimbursements but also obtained the verdict that Welch should stop mentioning the claims like ‘It helps promote a healthy heart’ and ‘helps support a healthy heart’ and all the other similar claims against the alleged products for at least two years.

From the $1.5 million, approximately $249000 will be transferred to the administration of the lawsuit settlement. 25% of the settled amount i.e. $375000 will be given to the class counsel as fees.

The class-action lawsuit was brought under the violation of consumer protection rights and on the grounds that the food manufacturing company Welch Inc. falsely advertised its products. The products printing labels were misleading and ignited the chances of cardiovascular diseases along with type 2 diabetes when they are consumed.

Although the allegations were denied and asserted with a number of defenses, the defendants agreed to pay the settlement amount of $1.5 million to resolve the case.

You can still avail of Welch’s products from retailers like Walmart, Target, and CVS.

Things to keep in mind

Welch Food Inc. has previously faced another lawsuit in 2019, which they avoided fighting. This is because a company was accusing Welch of using arsenic and lead in its Concord Grapefruit juice and White Grape Juice which lead to aggravated ailments.

Welch refused to pursue and rejected the claims of false advertising and the use of other ingredients other than primary ingredients in the Welch’s Fruit Snacks as fruit.

They strongly refused the claim as the false claims with the intention of monetary gains. If you are claiming your amount with or without evidence, make sure that you do not file a false claim while the settlement has been made. It might hurt the eligible class members of the case.

Case NameHanson, et al. v. Welch Foods Inc., Case No. 3:20-cv-02011-JCS in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California

Claims Administrator

Hanson v. Welch Foods Class Administrator
P.O. Box 1908
Baton Rouge, LA 70821
[email protected]

Class Counsel

Jack Fitzgerald
Melanie Rae Persinger
Trevor Matthew Flynn

Defense Counsel

Bart Harper Williams
Baldassare Vinti
Jennifer L. Jones
Qian Jennifer Yang

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