JUUL Lawsuit

JUUL is a USB-shaped device known as an ‘e-cigarette’ which is a substitute for traditional cigarettes. JUUL claims to be a safer alternative both for smokers and for people wanting to quit smoking as it contains the same amount of nicotine as a pack of 20 cigarettes, but with reduced health risks. However, lawsuits against JUUL state that the e-cigarette is more addictive than normal cigarettes because nicotine enters the bloodstream of the smoker faster and more efficiently. JUUL has largely been under fire in the vaping debate since the company has a 75% share in the e-cigarette market.


The lawsuits against JUUL claim that the company misleads its customers into believing their product is a safer alternative while knowing well that it increases nicotine addiction. In addition to this, the company has not mentioned any negative side effects of using their e-cigarette, leading people to believe it has no serious health risks while the opposite is true. Recent studies have found that the newly discovered condition called ‘popcorn lungs’ is associated mainly with vaping due to a chemical present in the fluid, contributing more evidence to file a class-action lawsuit against JUUL. So if you want to file a lawsuit against JUUL then you should note JUUL serial number as well as keep the receipt with you along with other details like how it affected you. 

Moreover, they have also engaged in deceptive marketing and have used their online presence to encourage teenagers on social media to use JUUL. Although the company insists their e-cigarette is for adult use only, participants of the JUUL lawsuits observed that their marketing tactics suggest otherwise. JUUL uses colorful packaging and is available in various fruit flavors which imply that its target market is the youth. The company also frequently advertises on social media sites most popular among teenagers. Due to their online marketing, JUUL has also become a symbol of popularity among the youth urging them to continually use the e-cigarette because of social pressures.

The first class-action lawsuit JUUL was filed in North Carolina in May of 2019. However, as JUUL continues to grow in popularity, the number of individual and class action lawsuits filed against JUUL is also increasing in every state. A JUUL lawsuit involving more than 30 people from all over the US was filed in the state of California by teenagers as well as adults.

Federal governments all over the country have labeled the vaping problem as a ‘nationwide epidemic’ because of recent reports showing a continuous rise in youth smokers despite the adverse health effects. Moreover, a large number of class-action lawsuits filed against JUUL. People have become so addicted to JUUL that they started exploring various home remedies to fulfill their cravings like how to make a JUUL charger using a phone cord. This fact alone shows the level of addiction to these products.

People who have participated in JUUL lawsuits have experienced the following deteriorating health effects: nicotine poisoning and severe addiction, cardiovascular, reproductive, and immunosuppressive problems, heart problems, inflammatory lung disease or respiratory failure, popcorn lungs, seizures, and strokes.

As a result, public health advocates have also been filing class-action lawsuits against JUUL recently. Public Health Advocacy Institute demanded that the company sponsor prevention programs, research on the negative effects of vaping as well as rehabilitation of young adults who have been exposed to health risks due to the use of JUUL.