Retaliation in the workplace: How you should tackle it?

Retaliation in the workplace How you should tackle it

Even though Americans are aware of their employee’s rights and laws that protect them from workplace discrimination and harassment, many are unaware of the laws and their rights regarding retaliation in the workplace. This means that an employer can not punish you for making complaints regarding workplace harassment or discrimination or for your participation in … Read more

Workers compensation: What is the purpose of workers compensation?

What is the purpose of workers compensation

The employer incurs a legal obligation to provide reasonable care to its employees to make their workplaces safe for them. Nevertheless, there are certain cases where accidents happen. But when they do, it needs to be made sure that workers compensation should be granted to employees and insurance provides adequate coverage. The worker’s compensation is … Read more

Quid Pro Quo Harassment: How to deal with it?

what is quid pro quo harassment

Going up against a governmental regulation is not a piece of cake. If Child Protective Services (CPS) wrongfully targets you for child abuse, it will take no time to lose your child’s custody. Therefore, parents must learn how to get a CPS case dismissed. Even though governmental bodies for children protection help numerous homeless children … Read more

What is a payroll deferral program: What flexibility has the government has sanctioned for the Payroll deferral program and PPP?

payroll tax deferral

On August 8, 2020, Payroll deferring tax obligations, executive orders were signed by President Trump because of increasing devastations of COVID-19. The payroll deferral program was signed to provide quick and effective tax relief to COVID-19 affected individuals and was introduced by Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. With this payroll deferral program, … Read more