Wrongful termination lawyers will help you fight against illegal dismissal

Wrongful termination lawyers

During the global pandemic, many people were reported to be ill-treated at their workplaces and were wrongfully terminated. Firing someone for an illegal reason is a strong matter of law. If you believe that you were terminated for invalid reasons, you might have the leverage of receiving compensation. How would you feel to receive your … Read more

Office security is important for every worker

Office security

Every individual requires and deserves to be a part of a secure and safe working environment. Though cybersecurity is one of the most commonly discussed aspects of workplace safety in this high-tech world, but not the sole aspect.  There are significant other aspects to this list equally important when it comes to office security. According … Read more

Resignation in lieu of termination is better than getting fired

Resignation in lieu of termination

Not everyone wants to write ‘terminated’ proudly on their resumes. However, there’s no such harm in getting fired. It majorly depends on certain circumstances. During the global pandemic, many organizations had to shut down which resulted in firings and thus, increasing the unemployment rate globally. On the other hand, it is better to have ‘resigned’ … Read more

What is Disparate treatment?

Disparate Treatment

“A case of disparate treatment emerges when an employee gets treated differently than other employees.” Disparate treatment is when a discriminatory act occurs between the same level of employees. This method is used to prove unlawful employment prejudice. A disparate treatment claim is made by those employees who felt that they were treated differently from … Read more

Arbitration agreement: Be careful before you sign it!

Arbitration Agreement

“A successful settlement for companies to save money on legal costs and avoid going to court.” What happens when an arbitration agreement is used in a major deal, for instance, an employment contract? Do you think you should sign or accept it? You surrender some privileges while earning some incentives by deciding to arbitrate. Likewise, acknowledging the advantages … Read more

What is a furlough and what impact can it have on your employment?

What is furlough

The nationwide lockdown following Covid-19 caused economic activity to slow down and forced non-essential businesses to remain shut for a significant period. This made it difficult for employers to continue paying salaries to staff members without earning any revenue. Consequently, many started adopting the approach to furlough employees till the situation got better. This caused … Read more

Is stuttering a disability? Stuttering, employment discrimination and law

stuttering a disability

Sometimes it becomes difficult for both speaker and listener to understand what a person is trying to convey or tell while he/she stutters. The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) has claimed that stuttering begins usually during childhood and in some cases, it lasts for the lifetime. The question is: is stuttering a disability? To establish protection … Read more