Elder Abuse California: What the Law Says?

Elder Abuse California What the Law Says

Recognizing the growing number of reported cases of elder abuse California has enacted a number of legislation that make such abuse punishable by both criminal and civil penalties. Essentially, the rules prohibit both a lack of care and physical or mental maltreatment of elderly dependents. Violations of such requirements may result in civil and, in … Read more

What does a Civil Rights Attorney do?

Civil Rights Attorney

The United States of America- the land where freedom of speech strives and justice prevail. The state and its people respect your privacy, religion, and preference of sexuality, offer fair trials, and give you full autonomy to think. Civil rights are inhabitants’ privileges given by the government. The US government in its civil rights is … Read more

How is a Civil case different from a Criminal case?

Criminal case

In the United States, the legal system addresses the wrongdoings of people with two types of laws: civil and criminal laws. Crimes are usually offenses against the nation or state. A criminal case is registered when the government or an individual files a case in court to prove someone (a defendant) guilty. Civil cases refer … Read more

Difference between Civil and Criminal Law

Difference between Civil and Criminal Law

Popular TV shows like How To Get Away With Murder, Suits, and Criminal Justice make the American law system seem pretty straightforward and glamorous for the common man. We have all grown to love the lawyers in their fancy houses and their expensive clothes just strutting around winning cases and making it look as easy … Read more

Different Types of Civil Lawsuits in the USA

Different Types of Civil Lawsuits in the USA

Lawsuits in the USA can broadly be categorized as civil lawsuits and criminal lawsuits. Civil lawsuits are different from criminal ones because they do not include parties charging each other for an act considered a crime under US law (like theft, murder, or insider trading). Civil lawsuits thus are filed by people who are in … Read more

Civil Lawsuit Statute of Limitations

Civil Lawsuit Statute of Limitations

Have you ever reported a crime that happened many years ago? But it didn’t go under any legal prosecution? Well, that’s maybe because of the statute of limitations. The term “civil lawsuit statute of limitations” refers to the time in which legal prosecution must be started. Statute of limitation is a part of the law, … Read more

Everything you need to know about filing a Civil Lawsuit after Car Accidents

Civil Lawsuit after Car Accidents

A car accident can disrupt your life in countless ways. For example, your car may be wrecked, preventing you from going to work. Or even worse, you may have received severe injuries, preventing you from enjoying life as you did before the accident. Despite the setbacks that can result from a car accident, remember that … Read more