Top Liberal and Conservative Law Schools in America

Conservative Law Schools

The political ideologies of people vary not only in the U.S. but around the world. The world has never been more politically divided than now. However, whether the U.S. citizens support or oppose the policies created by the President, the youth has been aspiring to become lawyers to save America. Since Princeton’s latest ranking for … Read more

How to become a Coroner? What’s the difference between a Medical Examiner and a Coroner?

how to become a coroner

Coroners work for the law enforcement department and hold a wide range of obligations on their shoulders. Although medical examiners and coroners are generally thought to be performing the same duties, a coroner has a much more precise and distinctive role in inquiring and determining the reason behind deaths. Coroners and coroner’s assistants execute autopsies … Read more

How to prepare for jury duty: Here’s what you need to know

How to prepare for jury duty

Jury duty is a civic responsibility and obligation of every citizen. The United States Constitution obligates the registered voters to perform jury duty when they are called by the Court. There’s no specific date or day where you need to serve the jury duty as cities and counties often maintain the roles of the voters … Read more

Will court reporters become obsolete or more valuable?

will court reporters become obsolete

In the legal profession, court reporters and stenographers are substantial entities. However, they are often viewed as just extra people filling the courtroom on lazy afternoons. In reality, they are the ones who contribute the most to running the justice system. Not all stenographers and reporters may work at the same pace, but they have … Read more