A piece of evidence derived illegally: Fruit of the poisonous tree doctrine

fruit of the poisonous tree doctrine.

“In most cases, evidence obtained by unlawful or illegal police activity is impermissible.”  You may be aware that proof obtained by police during an unlawful investigation of you or your property is certainly impermissible in criminal court. You may also be aware that if officers abused your rights in extracting your claim, the prosecution is unlikely to be able … Read more

A look at President Joe Biden marijuana law policy and stance on other drugs

Biden marijuana

President Joe Biden has always been very vocal about his thoughts on criminal activities involving drug possession. During his tenure as a vice president under President Barack Obama and as a U.S. Senator selected from Delaware; he never advocated cannabis legalization. Let’s have a detailed look at Joe Biden marijuana stance and his beliefs regarding … Read more

FDA approves Epidiolex: First non-synthetic Cannabis drug


GW pharmaceuticals are the leading manufacturer of Cannabis-based pharmaceuticals. FDA has recently given the approval for GW’s drug named Epidioloex (cannabidiol) which is an oral solution made for the treatment of seizures that are associated with two uncommon forms of epilepsy; Dravet syndrome and  Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, which is common among 2 or more year old … Read more

The story of Jill Easter: When an attempt to planting drugs in PTA volunteer’s car went wrong

The story of Jill Easter When an attempt to planting drugs in PTA volunteer’s car went wrong

Parenting can be seriously difficult sometimes, but it becomes even more difficult when you opt for helicopter-parenting. It turns out to be the most intense task when you have to monitor every move, every step of your child, what he eats, what he does, or where he roams. People often call these parents lawnmowers and … Read more