Nexium vs Prilosec: Potent medication for treating Acid reflux

Nexium vs Prilosec Potent medication for treating Acid reflux

Have you lately experienced heartburn? If yes, then you’re not alone- as more than 60 million Americans have experienced heartburn at least once in a month, and many of such patients have heartburn symptoms almost every day. It’s difficult enough to suffer, often happens after your medication choices for GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease) which can … Read more

Effective ways on how to dispute a false positive drug test result that are 100% guaranteed!

Effective ways on how to dispute a false positive drug test result that are 100% guaranteed!

An increasing number of people are required to undergo drug testing in order to obtain employment. It is a shock or often an embarrassment for someone who abstains from illegal drug use to take a positive drug test. Drug tests are prerequisites in many private and government sectors, sports, healthcare, schools, and hospitals etcetera when … Read more

Who is a medical malpractice attorney? How to know if you have a medical malpractice case?

Who is a medical malpractice attorney How to know if you have a medical malpractice case

Medical malpractice was the third most common cause of death before COVID-19 in the United States. There was a time when diseases like cancer and heartaches were claimed to be the deadliest diseases. Unfortunately, hospitals, doctors, physicians, nurses, and other medical aid-providing organizations do not accept that they could go wrong. Besides this, they attempt … Read more

Cannabis appellations program: Medicinal use of Cannabis in the US

Cannabis appellations program Medicinal use of Cannabis in the US

The Medicinal Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MAUCRSA) first approved by the California governor on 27th June 2017 has paved the way for the Cannabis Appellations Program, something many cultivators have been looking forward to since the inception of MAUCRSA. The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) has since introduced its regulations proposed for … Read more

Average Zantac lawsuit payout: Settlement value & updates

Average Zantac lawsuit payout Settlement value & updates

Many families and individuals who have suffered from Zantac medication are now filing a lawsuit against the manufacturer and expecting financial compensation in return for the Zantac lawsuit payout. The latest Zantac lawsuit updates reveal that there are plenty of cases that are still in the early litigation phases and no settlements and trial dates … Read more

Are random drug tests legal? Here’s all you need to know

Are random drug tests legal Here’s all you need to know

Even in the 21st century, random drug tests are still undertaken by several corporate organizations. The purpose of subjecting employees to this method of testing is to avoid a common occurrence: Drug test cheating. Just like any other written test, several employees have made creative attempts to cheat and get their drug tests cleared through … Read more

What do drug possession laws say about possession of illegal controlled substances?

drug possession

Controlled substances are referred to as drugs and other substances that are regulated by the federal government to use for legal purposes. Drug possession or the possession of a controlled substance is not always necessarily a crime. Many times, it’s legal to have drugs in your possession under safe circumstances, like during medical research and … Read more

A piece of evidence derived illegally: Fruit of the poisonous tree doctrine

evidence derived illegally

“In most cases, evidence obtained by unlawful or illegal police activity is impermissible.”  You may be aware that proof obtained by police during an unlawful investigation of you or your property is certainly impermissible in criminal court. You may also be aware that if officers abused your rights in extracting your claim, the prosecution is unlikely to be able … Read more

A look at President Joe Biden marijuana law policy and stance on other drugs

President Joe Biden marijuana law policy

President Joe Biden has always been very vocal about his thoughts on criminal activities involving drug possession. During his tenure as a vice president under President Barack Obama and as a U.S. Senator selected from Delaware; he never advocated cannabis legalization. Let’s have a detailed look at Joe Biden marijuana stance and his beliefs regarding … Read more