How Stephen McDaniel clung to a deadly crack


Stephen McDaniel may not know the consequences of what he’s going to do with himself through his rudimentary law skills. Stephen Mark McDaniel, a killer that admitted dismembering and strangling Lauren Gidding, who was his classmate at Mercer’s University Law School. When a Mercer University law student – Lauren Giddings – went missing over the … Read more

What does it mean to commute a sentence? Understand the benefits and consequences

What does it mean to commute a sentence

Every human being deserves a chance of lesser punishment. Don’t you think so? A major question is raised by every defense party whether what does it mean to commute a sentence? A commutation means to show leniency against the criminal by reducing his/her punishment. Back in 2007, Ex-president Bush decided to commute or reduce Scooter … Read more

The 8 most powerful prison gangs that are still active today

prison gangs

 There are many powerful prison gangs that are still active in different parts of the world. In the United States, a large number of citizens have been incarcerated. The percentage of incarcerated individuals is larger than any other developed and populated countries in the world, including China and India with almost 1.5 million individuals serving … Read more

Criminal Psychology: Prerequisites to entering the profession

criminal psychologist

The increasing popularity of crime series on television and online streaming platforms has made criminal psychology one of the most sought-after fields today. Whereas dramas like Law and Order and Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) portray these professionals glamorously; depicting that their testimony alters the expected judgment in the court of law, the reality is that … Read more

All you need to know about third-degree murder, its consequences, punishments and fines

third-degree murder

Why would have somebody get a third-degree murder charge? The reasons may vary, but in most cases, if an individual commits a murder unintentionally, or under the influence of drug driving, then he is liable to be charged for a third-degree murder. The regulations that govern murder and manslaughter may vary from state to state. … Read more

All you need to know about arson crime

All you need to know about arson crime

There have been so many times that setting fire to one’s own property, or that of someone else’s has been depicted in movies as a smart tactic to get insurance money or revenge from someone. However, what may apparently be a “clever” move is considered to be a crime in the eyes of the law. … Read more