Is hacking illegal in the US: Possible punishments and penalties for hacking

is hacking illegal

Over the past few years, the incidents of hacking in the US are increasing with the increased use of digital information and computers across the country. The US Department of Justice dramatically increased the prosecution and investigation of an alleged violation of laws related to computer hacking. In the US, different federal criminal laws may … Read more

Is suicide a crime? Reviewing the legal status of criminalizing suicide

Is suicide a crime

Historically, most states in the US had laws to discourage suicide attempts which includes various punishments like jail sentences or fines. Moreover, penalties as per the laws range from short imprisonment or a small fine to a life sentence. However, in the past 50 years, the situation has drastically changed as countries have decriminalized suicide … Read more

What do aiding and abetting mean: What are the charges for aiding and abetting second-degree murders?

aiding and abetting

The inchoate offense of aiding and abetting implies to the individual who does not execute the crime himself/herself but assists the criminal in an offensive or criminal activity. The person who aids in executing the crime successfully is referred to as an accessory to a crime. The laws for aiding and abetting vary state to … Read more

Manslaughter: What is involuntary manslaughter? Definition, Examples, and punishments

involuntary manslaughter

Manslaughter is defined as an act of killing someone that is less culpable than murder. According to the law, manslaughter has two degrees – voluntary and involuntary manslaughter. To comprehend the difference between the two, consider the following scenario. Steve comes home and finds his wife on objectionable terms with Chris. Disturbed and distraught Steve … Read more

What is the definition of indictment in law?


Indictment in law An indictment is a legal allegation on an individual who has committed a criminal offense, centered on the given evidence. An individual is indicted, if there is ample proof to show that they perpetrated a criminal offense. One of the most significant things to remember about indictments is that not every criminal is indicted. It mostly happens … Read more