What do stalkers want from their victims? – Top Hacks to get rid of the stalkers

What do stalkers want from their victims Top Hacks to get rid of the stalkers

People often get stalked and sometimes it remains not easy to stretch a line between being annoyed and being interacted with clingy activities like stalking. Many times, people believe that ignoring and not reacting is the key to success. But things just don’t stop there and get extreme often which triggers discomfort and fear with … Read more

Do Arrests Show up On Background Checks when Looking for An Employment? A 2022 Updated Guide

Do arrests show up on background checks when looking for an employment A 2022 updated guide

Along with many other countries in the world, background check is performed for a variety of reasons in the United States as well. They are performed mainly prior to employment, signing a lease document, or rental agreements. It is also normally called background or pre-employment screening for employment which determines the traits of the person … Read more

Is blackmail a crime? How is it different from extortion?

Is blackmail a crime How is it different from extortion

The state legislations in the United States for the commission of blackmail or extortion offenses are more or less similar. In California, both blackmailing and extortion offenses are ruled under California Blackmail and Extortion law. Many times these offenses possess the same penalties when convicted. However, it is important to understand that they are different … Read more