Top 15 types of evidence at a crime scene and how to use them

types of evidence

One of the most valuable skills for anyone conducting inquiries is the ability to collect and interpret various types of evidence. Even if they aren’t clear proof of a claim or event, these particular pieces of evidence can be accumulated as one of the finest examples of evidence to help the prosecutor in making vital decisions throughout a case. The prime rule is … Read more

Want to know how criminals are identified? 8 most common fingerprint patterns

fingerprint patterns

Many of us wonder how come agencies identify criminals just with the help of fingerprints. But since each individual has a unique fingerprint pattern, therefore it is very easy to identify the person with his/her fingerprints. Simply put, the process of getting to know a criminal’s fingerprint entails heavy research on the patterns of fingerprints. … Read more

Types of fingerprints in humankind

Types of fingerprints

It is always fascinating to witness in the movies and TV series how crime investigation organizations identify the murderers with the aid of ‘fingerprints.’ Well, it is the same scenario in real life too. Can you imagine that even identical twins don’t have the same fingerprint pattern? According to Sir Francis Galton, every individual has … Read more

Important factors about entertainment law

entertainment law

A film is produced with the sweat and blood of the directors and actors, however, the production of the film would be incomplete without the entertainment lawyer. Apart from fighting with the censorship board to get the clearance for the movie, entertainment laws are applied in the games and leisure activities too. There are multiple … Read more

Is Hillary Clinton above the law?

Is Hillary Clinton above the law?

We all have seen the lady justice – holding scales representing and stating that equality and fairness will be served to everyone. However, there’s much difference in serving with equality and fairness when it comes to treating ordinary people v.s government officials, like Hillary Clinton. Is Hillary Clinton above the law? For those who always … Read more

In House Counsel

In-House Counsel

A lawyer refers to an employee who serves as a law for a company. Like any other employee, paid lawyers are mainly used to meet the needs of the company. In house counsels are hired to handle all legal issues, security management, protection of properties and assets, manage tax policies and other matters of the … Read more

A basic understanding of private placement memorandum

private placement memorandum

“Small companies that raise funds from private securities transactions use PPMs as disclosure documents.”  A legal document named private placement memorandum (PPM) is given to potential investors whenever someone is making a transaction with security or stock in an organization. You might have heard it being addressed as an offering document or offering memorandum. There … Read more

What is a bench warrant: A precise overview

What is a bench warrant

Certain authorized action can be taken by law based on the warrant. In short, a warrant is an order permitted to authorities. You may have come across several questions about the types of warrants for example, what is a bench warrant? Or why do arrest and search warrants take place? What is a bench warrant? … Read more