How often do credit card frauds get caught and how can you prevent such acts?

credit card frauds

The world is moving toward digitalization at a very fast pace. Many have completely turned their heads to technological advancements to bring sustainability to their lives. A great example of this is making cashless transactions. Although it has made lives easier, sometimes they are seen as a curse when people face credit card fraud. And … Read more

Hung Jury Explained: What happens with a hung jury?

Hung Jury Explained

You cannot always see a trial ending on a verdict of guilty or not guilty. Sometimes judges and the jury do not reach a unanimous verdict against a defendant, that may be because of the lack of evidence or sometimes prosecution fails to satisfy the judge. Whatever be the reason, when this happens, the judge … Read more

Public indecency charges: What is it and how to defend it?

Public indecency charges

Almost every state in the United States has public indecency legislation in place. They are regularized to prevent and discourage people from involving in such convictions that can affect their whole lives. The state statutes were briefly described to uphold a minimum level of morality and dignity in the open areas Unluckily, these laws entangle … Read more

Do You Know What is Illegal to Watch on the Internet?

what is illegal to watch on the internet

Online users look for a wide variety of things, and that shouldn’t come as a surprise. Even if most of one’s searches are pretty harmless, the thought of having one’s search history made public might send shivers down one’s spine. Many people’s search history is embarrassing, although the vast majority of searches are lawful. Even … Read more

The Best Evidence Rule: What are its exceptions?

Best Evidence Rule

For a judge or jury to accept a case, written, recorded, or photographic evidence is typically necessary. Photos of property damage, voicemail recordings, and contracts are examples of proof. When recorded, written, or photographic evidence is required for a trial or hearing, the Federal Rules of Evidence state that the “original writing, recording, or photograph … Read more

How serious is a public intoxication charge? Tips and tricks to fight this charge!

How serious is a public intoxication charge Tips and tricks to fight this charge

Public intoxication is an alcohol-related crime that mainly involves being noticeably and visibly impaired due to excessive alcohol or drug consumption while in the public space. Being public intoxication as a crime, the intoxicated person should have surpassed the legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08%. In addition, the person who is publicly intoxicated is … Read more

How important is witness testifying in the legal world?

How important is witness testifying in the legal world

Witness testimony is considered one of the most important aspects of any case. Researchers have provided evidence that witness testifying in any given case impacts heavily on the outcome of the case. The witness, their deposition during the trial, and their words are of immense importance and they can alter the final verdict to a … Read more

What is Transient Evidence? Types of Physical Evidences

What is Transient Evidence Types of Physical Evidences-min

Before we go into the specifics of Physical Evidence or “What is Transient Evidence,” we’d want the readers to have a basic concept of what evidence is and what it is not. Beginning with a knowledge of what evidence is and why it is important, we will subsequently discuss Physical Evidence and the five types … Read more

What are the elements of a public disclosure of private facts claim?

What are the elements of a public disclosure of private facts claim-min

States laws vary when it comes to recognizing privacy torts, which includes false liability, intrusion, appropriation, and disclosure of private facts. Apart from any other liability, the legal obligation for public disclosure of private facts happens when a person publicizes a matter which is related to another person’s private life. This can be a matter … Read more