What does DWAI mean? How is it different from DUI?

What does DWAI mean How is it different from DUI

Not sure what does DWAI mean? Or looking for the difference between DWAI and DUI? Then you will be served with the complete information on both acronyms in today’s post. What does DWAI mean? DWAI is an acronym used for Driving While Ability Impaired. The United States has different laws defining the liability of DWAI. … Read more

DUI Checkpoints: Capturing the Intoxicated Drivers

DUI Checkpoints Capturing the Intoxicated Drivers

Sobriety checks (also known as DUI checkpoints) are among New Jersey’s most efficient methods of capturing intoxicated drivers. Because of the ease with which a DUI checkpoint is set up, police officers may perform a traffic stop without having to have reasonable suspicion (which is necessary in all other cases). A New Jersey DUI lawyer … Read more

Is Your Car a Lemon – TX Lemon Law Guide

TX Lemon Law

Texans who buy faulty cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs, boats, computers or any other kind of consumer goods are entitled to reimbursement under the state and federal Lemon Laws (the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act). To be eligible for the TX lemon law on automobiles, a vehicle must have undergone repeated factory warranty repairs. Compensation under the lemon … Read more

When and Why is it illegal to drive with Headphones?

is it illegal to drive with headphones

If your work demands regular traveling or you drive a cab for your earning and often gets bored with the same pickup services, then you must be wondering whether I could listen to songs or listen to radio shows to get rid of the boredom. But on the other hand, you will also wonder whether … Read more

Things to do for Changing Name on Drivers License

Changing Name on Drivers License

There may be several reasons when someone wants to change their name. There may be because of marriage, because of divorce, or maybe just to follow the trend. But changing the name on drivers’ license may not be easy. To change your name on your driver’s license it is required to change your name legally. … Read more

What happens when you are caught driving with a restricted license?

caught driving with a restricted license

Following the rules and regulations while driving is the responsibility of every single individual. However, a driving license has different designations along with several terms and conditions. Eventually, if you ever got caught driving with a restricted license it obtains some legal steps to move for further procedure. Furthermore, it involves driving arrest convictions under … Read more