What to do with assets when closing a Business?

what to do with assets when closing a business

You’ll have to “liquidate” the company’s assets if you decide to shut it down. If you want to put money in your own pocket, or more importantly to pay your creditors, you’ll need to liquidate your remaining company assets such as office gear and furniture into cash. Not everyone has a clear idea of what … Read more

What are the Potential Risks of Buying a Manufactured Home?

What are the Potential Risks of Buying a Manufactured Home

Homeownership is one of the privileges that Americans look for when buying a home for themselves. But not everyone ideally lands in the position to own or purchase a home as a permanent residence. As an affordable and convenient option, manufactured or mobile homes have a myriad of advantages but there are potential drawbacks for … Read more

5 Risks of Hiring a Private Investigator for a Case

Possible Risks of Hiring a Private Investigator

People may believe a private investigator is a dramatic spy because of the movies and dramas they usually see on Television. In reality, a private investigator is much more than a spy. Private investigators master the art of critical thinking and analyzing the situation to gather information and evidence that normal people may not. They … Read more

Texas Grandparent Interventions – Can a Parent deny a Grandparent Visitation?

Can a Parent deny a Grandparent Visitation

The relationship between grandparents and grandchildren should be one of the most inspiring relations. Every relationship in a child’s life is important until they get complete freedom to make choices about their lives. Relation with grandparents promotes family bonding and evokes close-knits. However, everyone is not lucky enough to feel the same. Perhaps, grandparents of … Read more

Prenuptial Agreements – How can prenuptial agreements protect your rights?

Prenuptial Agreements

It’s always beneficial to keep things in writing whether you make confidential agreements or make huge financial commitments. This is because these agreements prevent you from getting hooked and betrayed by the parties involved. Similarly, when it comes to making a marital bond with someone people are more concerned about their future nowadays and this … Read more

EpiPen Class Action Lawsuit – Pfizer and Mylan agreed to pay $345 million settlement

EpiPen Class Action Lawsuit

A consolidated EpiPen class action lawsuit was filed claiming that Mylan and Pfizer violated racketeering and antitrust laws while promoting their injector EpiPen. They have now agreed to pay a $345 million amount as a settlement. EpiPen, which is an epinephrine injector, is usually used to treat the severe adverse effects of allergic reactions. The … Read more

Is diabetes a disability? Can you apply for disability benefits if you have diabetes?

Is diabetes a disability

Diabetes is an intricate medical condition where it gets difficult for a body to maintain good levels of glucose. In the United States, state laws vary if somebody wants to know if diabetes is a disability. However, under many state laws, the adverse effects of type 1 and type 2 diabetes bring diabetes under disability … Read more