What are Siblings’ Rights after Parents’ Death?

Siblings' Rights after Parents' Death

The split of inherited property is as painful as saying the last goodbye to your parents. Since every child has their plans for the future, they can claim their rights over the house, which unfortunately leads to disagreements and house splits. If you are here that means you are seeking out the siblings rights after … Read more

Strategies for protecting assets from nursing home costs

Strategies for protecting assets from nursing home costs

Oftentimes we don’t want anomalies to hinder our daily lives. Especially in our late 80’s and 90’s where the probability of caring events increases. Getting older precisely means to be cared for by others (mainly nursing homes) and without proper planning, it can be a bit difficult to manage financially. The cost of a nursing … Read more

What is a letter of testamentary: Do you need a lawyer to get a letter of testamentary?

What is a letter of testamentary Do you need a lawyer to get a letter of testamentary

If you are acting as an executor of an estate which implies that you’ll be in charge of paying utilities, asset classifying, and making distributions to the legitimate beneficiaries. However, for pursuing all these duties, you are required to be given legal authority to act by a court of law. Such authority is given to … Read more

Trustor vs. Trustee: What do you need to know about them

Trustor vs. Trustee

Trusts are the legal tools that are used to organize a person’s estate. There are several benefits if your estate is organized by a trust which includes control over finances and potential tax benefits. However, trust also entails legal share along with financial complexities. Let’s know what is a trustor? Those having one or more … Read more

What is probate? How to avoid probate after death?

What is probate How to avoid probate after death

Probate is a legal process by which the court oversees the property distribution of a deceased individual. Unfortunately, there’s no simple and short way to understand probate – it’s a process through which you want to protect your heirs after your death. Probate can be avoided relatively but people often fail to take necessary steps … Read more