Similac lawsuit: What was wrong with the baby Similac food formula?

Similac lawsuit

Today’s post is about the Similac lawsuit – Similac baby formula, which claims that the formula is based on cow’s milk that helps cover the biological needs of premature babies. Reportedly, every year in the United States one in ten newborn babies are born premature (before completing 37 weeks/9.25 months of pregnancy). According to CDC, … Read more

How often do credit card frauds get caught and how can you prevent such acts?

credit card frauds

The world is moving toward digitalization at a very fast pace. Many have completely turned their heads to technological advancements to bring sustainability to their lives. A great example of this is making cashless transactions. Although it has made lives easier, sometimes they are seen as a curse when people face credit card fraud. And … Read more

Claim your share from the $1.5 million welch food settlement against misleading labeling

Claim your share from the $1.5 million welch food settlement against misleading labeling

The food industry has seen yet another lawsuit settlement against misleading labeling. Welch Food Inc. has now agreed to resolve the class action lawsuit. The popular company brand was alleged to have misleading labeling on three of their said 100% natural fruit juices. The Welch food settlement took $1.5 million to resolve the dispute between … Read more

Do you think you need a construction accident lawyer to attain financial compensation?

need a construction accident lawyer

Construction workers usually work in challenging conditions on construction sites that often are dangerous. This is why it is no wonder that construction companies comprise among the top five dangerous industries to work at with ever-increasing injury rates. If you have been engaged yourself in an accident at the construction site, you probably have lots … Read more

What does DWAI mean? How is it different from DUI?

What does DWAI mean

Not sure what does DWAI mean? Or looking for the difference between DWAI and DUI? Then you will be served with the complete information on both acronyms in today’s post. What does DWAI mean? DWAI is an acronym used for Driving While Ability Impaired. The United States has different laws defining the liability of DWAI. … Read more

Preserving Portability Estate Tax for Benefiting Your Heirs

Preserving Portability Estate Tax for Benefiting Your Heirs

Since the TCJA – Tax Cut Job Act was passed in 2017, things have changed with respect to estate tax planning and gifts. The one thing that remained unchanged was portability estate tax – a beneficial means of tax benefit that you should consider while creating your estate plan. Typically, portability estate tax allows an … Read more

What does it mean by case status disposed? How is it different from a case dismissed?

What does it mean by case status disposed

Case status disposed can be easily misunderstood with a case dismissed. But contrary to people’s belief, there’s a significant difference in both the terms. People believe that the simple term – disposed, translates the meaning that the case has ended, typically, which is not the case. It contains even more from just dismissal of the … Read more

Hung Jury Explained: What happens with a hung jury?

Hung Jury Explained

You cannot always see a trial ending on a verdict of guilty or not guilty. Sometimes judges and the jury do not reach a unanimous verdict against a defendant, that may be because of the lack of evidence or sometimes prosecution fails to satisfy the judge. Whatever be the reason, when this happens, the judge … Read more

What do stalkers want from their victims? – Top Hacks to get rid of the stalkers

What do stalkers want from their victims

People often get stalked and sometimes it remains not easy to stretch a line between being annoyed and being interacted with clingy activities like stalking. Many times, people believe that ignoring and not reacting is the key to success. But things just don’t stop there and get extreme often which triggers discomfort and fear with … Read more