How to protect your intellectual property from your employer? Here’s the answer to your query!

How to protect your intellectual property from your employer

As your new product development comes to light, your first thought may be to let the world know about it. While shouting your success from the rooftops seems quite appealing, but before you jump into this, you are required to consider how to protect what you have worked so hard to develop. Most employees are … Read more

What is a legal binding contract? What elements are needed for a legally binding contract?

binding contracts

Whether you are stepping into a new relationship with a customer, independent contractor, or vendor, the contracts are a part of business activity. You need them at every stage of carrying out business transactions because they served as a legally valid agreement that aims to protect your interest in the business. But don’t you think … Read more

How to copyright a logo: A complete guide to simplify your queries related to copyright

How to copyright a logo

What is copyright? We should initiate from the scratch:                   “Copyright is mainly a series of rights of the author for authentic and original creative work.” With this guide you will know about – What is copyright? How to copyright a logo and name? And also how much does it cost to copyright a logo? So … Read more

All rights reserved meaning and basics!

all rights reserved meaning.

The creative work on which you spend hours to produce requires legal protection. To do so, first, you need to understand copyright and all rights reserved meaning. Let’s start with all rights reserved meaning and its basic definition moving towards how it’s obtained. The phrase, copyright all rights reserved means the owner of the work … Read more