Joint Venture Vs Partnership: Which one is Ideal for You?

Joint Venture Vs Partnership

As a new entrepreneur, it might be tough to determine whether to form a joint venture or partnership. Are there any noticeable differences? What are the positive and negative aspects of each? Make sure you know what each arrangement entails before you begin. Additionally, you should consult with a lawyer and an accountant. A joint … Read more

What is Litigation Funding? How can litigants finance their litigation?

What is Litigation Funding

Litigation financing, sometimes termed litigation funding / third party funding, is the giving of funds to a claim holder or legal firm in return for a piece of the revenues from litigation or arbitration. The main element of litigation financing is that recourse is often restricted to the revenues of the litigation/arbitration judgment or settlement … Read more

What Does a Member Managed Vs Manager Managed LLC look like?

What Does a Member Managed Vs Manager Managed LLC look like-min

Whenever there’s a limited liability company involved, you have to figure out how your LLC should be managed. There are possibly two different types of managing structures when it comes to managing LLCs. You can choose to have a manager-managed or member-managed LLC. There’s a significant difference in both management structures. Read our member-managed vs … Read more

What is Preferred vs Common stock startup: What SMEs owners need to know?

What is Preferred vs Common stock startup What SMEs owners need to know-min

First-time startup owners need to learn a lot when it comes to analyzing the market, especially in terms of legal issues. The first-time start-up owner must have comprehensive knowledge regarding preferred vs common stock as the difference is huge. The founders of preferred vs common stock startups work in totally different dimensions therefore it is … Read more

How to report PPP fraud? What are the charges for PPP Loan Fraud?

How to report PPP fraud

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, myriad businesses were affected. They began bearing financial hardships and millions of other businesses whether big or small needed support to cope. To support these struggling businesses and individuals, the CARES Act was passed by the Trump administration. Through this legislation, immediate help was designated to individuals, small businesses, healthcare … Read more

Can a company sue you for a bad review? Check some of the best strategies to cope with it

Can a company sue you for a bad review Check some of the best strategies to cope with it

Online reviews no wonder have a significant value and no matter what customers purchase, they read reviews more than a product’s details. This is why there’s nothing wrong in saying that the business revenues nowadays directly depend on the positive online presence rather than having a brand name from decades. What if you have a … Read more

Property crime: Which of the following is a crime against the property?

Property crime Which of the following is a crime against the property

In the United States, property crimes fall under the most common crimes. According to the FBI, the number of current reported cases in the United States is 6.45 million. This can be the reason because myriad offenses are covered by the single term property crime. These crimes usually range from a misdemeanor to serious felonies … Read more