How to legally change your name?

How to legally change your name

You may be looking for how to legally change your name on legal documents due to several reasons. A few of them may include changing a name after marriage, or changing your name after the divorce, or maybe you want to change your birth name for a business purpose. Whatever be the reason, you have … Read more

Guardianship vs parental rights: Does guardianship override parental rights?

Guardianship vs parental rights

Parental rights, custody, or guardianship – the significance of these words often cause confusion among people. However, the difference between them is nuanced and a little complicated. The primary difference between them is where the order of parental rights or guardianship has been created. Guardianship orders are made through probate courts where custody or parental … Read more

Things often overlooked in divorce agreements: Common pitfalls that can be avoided

things often overlooked in divorce agreements

A divorce is undoubtedly a difficult option where so many emotions are involved. During the process, it gets even harder to adhere to a coherent narrative with positive long-term consequences. Divorce settlements, child support, child custody, and visitation rights, and whatnot – everything has to be done justifiably. Check out some of the things often … Read more

Do grandparents have legal rights regarding their grandchildren

grandparent rights

The grandparents’ love for their grandchildren knows no bounds. It’s all pure love. But, when it comes to legal provisions, grandparents do not have many rights over their grandchildren. In this article, we will explore the rights of grandparents, and make you understand why the rights of grandparents are important. The grandparent rights are addressed … Read more

Which states have common law marriage: What are common law marriage requirements

Which states have common law marriage

You will be considered legally married if you meet certain requirements that your state has legislated for a common-law marriage. In common-law marriages, a couple doesn’t need any legal document that shows that they are married, but they appear to be a married couple. In other terms, it is a legal concept that applies to … Read more