Is withholding grandchildren from grandparents possible in the United States? What can parents do?

Is withholding grandchildren from grandparents possible in the United States

According to a common belief, people think when they become grandparents, they will have the right to visit, love, and see their grandchildren whenever they want. But federal and state laws in the United States are complex to understand in this domain. This ultimately translates to the fact that the law gives the power to … Read more

Child Custody Evaluation: What are the signs of a bad custody evaluation and its dos and don’ts?

Child Custody Evaluation

A child custody evaluation is a legal process in which a court appoints mental health expert, social services evaluator or home inspector who evaluates your family, your home or either both. Child custody evaluation becomes necessary at times when there’s a divorce or separation and parents deny the custody rights. In such cases, a child … Read more

What is custodial interference and its associated legal consequences

What is custodial interference

Custodial rights are put into place for children following a parental separation. These custody rights define the legal place where the children reside, the meeting days, and the duration for non-custodial parents. When a parent with no custodial grant causes disruption in the legal custody rights it is referred to as custodial interference. However, if … Read more

How to get a CPS Case dismissed: Child Protective Services

How to get a CPS Case dismissed Child Protective Services

Going up against a governmental regulation is not a piece of cake. If Child Protective Services (CPS) wrongfully targets you for child abuse, it will take no time to lose your child’s custody. Therefore, parents must learn how to get a CPS case dismissed. Even though governmental bodies for children protection help numerous homeless children … Read more