What to do when you face Separated but not Divorced legal issues?

separated but not divorced legal issues

Sometimes, when you prefer separation over divorce it is a blessing in disguise. Being in a relationship while living separately has its own benefits, such as retirement plans, social security benefits, remaining on the list of insurance policies, etc. and also you get to divide financial responsibilities until the final divorce decision has been made. … Read more

Why consult a Divorce Lawyer?

divorce lawyer

When a person decides to interact with a divorce lawyer, he or she should be familiar with the fact that there should not be any disagreement of the interests between both the partners. To make the experience favorable, here is a summary of the initial consultation with your divorce lawyer that you can consider. Be … Read more

When to hire a Child Custody Lawyer

child custody

People generally believe that children are a blessing from God. We remain there for them, whenever they need us. It doesn’t matter if it is 3 a.m. at night or 7 a.m. in the morning. We see our childhood in them and create our future observing them. They are an important part of our lives … Read more

Is my spouse entitled to My Personal Injury Settlement during divorce/ separation?

personal injury during divorce

Even though divorce itself is an emotionally exhausting process, encountering a severe injury in an accident during proceedings can make the matter more stressful and complicated. The first query to pop up in such a situation stays the same, ‘Is my spouse entitled to my personal injury settlement or not? While there are high chances … Read more

Types of cases addressed under family law

cases under family law

What is family law? Family law is created to deal with issues such as divorce, custody of children, adoption, and others. Families can hire attorneys to represent them in court and handle other important legal matters that require expert attention, such as looking over legal documents and other family matters related to the case. Depending … Read more