What is dual federalism? How it is defined in the American Constitution

What is dual federalism How it is defined in the American Constitution

The federal system of the United States is the system that defines the power and legal authority between different departments of the government. Federalism, as a term denotes a pact, which describes different hierarchies, in the case of government it refers to different levels. This authority and power division through layers can be found in … Read more

Are Tasers legal in California – California State Laws about owning a Taser

Are Tasers legal in California

The ever-increasing crime rate in California compelled everyone to protect themselves from individual attackers. This valiant crime rate becomes the reason for ranking California in 16th place in an average crime rate across states. People in California, seek emergency help in case of direct attackers while traveling alone or with friends. But is it legal … Read more

Why is it illegal to sell Used Mattresses?

is it illegal to sell used mattresses

Buying a used mattress may sometimes be the most cringy for most of the people as they consider it unhealthy and dirty. In addition to saving money, you can also help the environment by purchasing a used mattress or one filled with recycled materials. State-by-state laws on the sale of used mattresses differ. There are … Read more