Are brass knuckles illegal in California? Know possible penalties and associated charges

Are brass knuckles illegal in California

Brass knuckles are considered to be the most dangerous weapon in many states.  In the United States, some states prohibit only metallic knuckles while some ban the knuckles of every kind. Brass knuckles are also known as knucks and knuckle dusters and they are commonly used as defensive and offensive weapons. No matter if you … Read more

What are kickbacks? What are federal charges for corruption-related kickbacks?

What are kickbacks

It’s rare to find any department or service that does its function without getting into white-collar crimes. Almost every jurisdiction has gone through these white-collar crimes.  However, this level of corruption and bribery often occurs at higher levels where people spend money in return for something. Many times it is referred to as kickbacks. What … Read more

How to Get a Restraining Order and Why It is Required?

How to Get a Restraining Order

In order to make an informed decision about whether or not to file for an order of protection against someone, you must first understand how the court system operates and what a restraining order provides for you. A variety of restraining orders are available for a variety of reasons. You may have various legal alternatives … Read more

Intestate Succession California: What happens to a deceased person’s assets without a will

Intestate Succession California What happens to a deceased person’s assets without a will

Death, precedented or not, is an unchangeable part of life. Many people are mentally and practically prepared for death, but some don’t proceed with such caution and preparedness. Intestate succession is the consequence of such lack of preparedness in case of death This article will focus on intestate succession California specifically, but also on what … Read more

Permanent resident vs citizen: What’s the difference?

Permanent resident vs citizen What’s the difference

Who doesn’t want to live in one of the world’s largest economies? If you are also planning to experience the American dream, then give this article a full read because here we are going to discuss the difference between a permanent resident vs citizen. Before you make a move, you must be aware of this … Read more

What is dual federalism? How it is defined in the American Constitution

What is dual federalism How it is defined in the American Constitution

The federal system of the United States is the system that defines the power and legal authority between different departments of the government. Federalism, as a term denotes a pact, which describes different hierarchies, in the case of government it refers to different levels. This authority and power division through layers can be found in … Read more