Affordable Care Act – Is it illegal not to have Health Insurance?

is it illegal not to have health insurance

Is it necessary to have health insurance? According to ACA – Affordable Care Act legislation in 2010 the health insurance coverage was made affordable and accessible to Americans. It opened the eligibility of Medicaid to low-income individuals and households, providing them health facilities through imposing tax subsidies. According to the act, individuals should have health … Read more

State laws on deficiency after car repossession

state laws on deficiency after car repossession

“In certain cases, the state prevents a car lender from attempting to recover a deficit amount upon a car repossession.” A creditor can try to recover the deficiency value from you if there comes a situation where you default on your loan contract, and your car is repossessed by the lender. This is one of the reasons … Read more

Federal marijuana legalization: State medical marijuana laws

State medical Marijuana laws

California, the golden state became the first state in the union that allows marijuana to be used for medical purposes by voting for the marijuana legalization proposal in 1996. After that more than 35 states including Puerto Rico, District of Columbia, Guam, and US Virgin Island tend to enact the same marijuana legalization laws. Post … Read more