33 California Weird Laws You Never Knew: Get Ready to be dumbfounded!

The world would be a hazardous place if there were no laws. But sometimes, the laws can be so weird that make you scratch your head and compel you to wonder. Similar happens in many states and cities of the United States.

Whether it is related to payment of taxes, celebrity divorce, or a group of wealthy individuals who have paid bribes to get their children admitted to reputable colleges. But we don’t have just heard about the strange laws as much as we hear about political news updates or the Kardashians.

In an effort to restore the overall balance of the world we have rounded up a list of California weird laws which have left us dumbfounded that they even exist in this world!

Oddly speaking, it is a lot easier to pass new laws and remove old ones, enabling these legalities to stick around for some years, even if they are not enforced. Whether these laws are related to personal injuries, abortion, or product-related lawsuits, it is crystal clear that these California weird laws are postulated for a specific reason that is so dumb that you will question yourself as to why they even existed?! Some of our personal favorite California weird laws include the following,

List of California Weird Laws

Law 1: It is illegal for persons to hunt game from the moving vehicle unless the game they are hunting is supposed to be a whale.

Law 2: It is mainly illegal for women to drive vehicles within a housecoat. This is a seriously weird law in California

Law 3: If there is no driver, the vehicles should not surpass the speed limit of 60 mph.

Law 4: Thinking about washing cars in the street? Bad idea! It is illegal in Downey, California to wash your car in the street.

Law 5: You cannot even think about washing your neighbor’s car without their consent. It is totally illegal in Los Angeles, California. Sounds weird? Right!

Law 6: In Long Beach, California, the vehicles are the only items that are permitted to be stowed in the garage.

Law 7: Motorist cannot park their vehicles on the street for the night unless they have special permission specifically at Alhambra, California.

Law 8: It is illegal to put rock or sand in your driving path which is specifically in Walnut, California.

Law 9: Scared of Lizards? You cannot annoy lizards if you encounter them at the city park in Fresno, California.

Law 10: Sunshine can be guaranteed to the masses.

Law 11: Peacocks have complete rights to cross the street which also includes crossing driveways in Arcadia, California.

Law 12: It is illegal for the residents of Burlingame, California to spit anywhere except baseball diamonds.

Law 13: It is genuinely illegal to own a pinball machine in El Monte, California.

Law 14: It is illegal for men having mustaches to kiss a woman in Eureka, California

Law 15: It is highly illegal for animals to mate within 1500 feet of a place of worship, school, or salon.

Law 16: It is also illegal to ride a bicycle through a public swimming pool. This is particularly for the Californian riders.

Law 17: This one is the most interesting California weird law where you cannot hunt moths under a streetlamp in Los Angeles.

Law 18: It is also illegal to grow and harvest oleander flowers in Norco, California.

Law 19: It is illegal to curse on a mini-golf course in Long Beach, California.

Law 20: It is illegal to wear cowboy boots unless you own more than two cows in Blythe, California.

Law 21: The homeowners who have Xmas light on their houses after crossing 2nd Feb may be subject to a fine of up to $250.

Law 22: Fond of wearing heels to parties? Now this will remain a dream to some as women cannot wear high heels while driving within the city limits.

Law 23: If you are at Hermosa Beach, you can get caught in putting salt on the highway.

Law 24: It is quite illegal to run down a camel in Palm Spring between 4 to 6 pm on Palm Canyon Drive.

Law 25: It is even illegal for the boys and men to wear girly wearables unless there’s a drama or theatre in Walnut. If there’s a need to wear them without any amusement activity, people would need to take permission from the Sheriff.

Law 26: In Walnut, regardless of the weather and events, it is illegal to fly a kite even higher than 10 feet.

Law 27: No matter how much you like to take on adventures, it is illegal in Glendale to get in or jump out of the car.

Law 28: Lookout when you park somewhere, you can be charged for reverse driving in Glendale. Because it’s illegal to drive in reverse in Glendale.

No, we have not done it yet. There are more weird laws in California than you think. Keep reading.

Law 29:  You may need to wait to take a shower if using a bathtub is all you need today. As in Prunedale, it is not even allowed to install more than one bathtub in one house.

Law 30: This weird law in California contains much threat to hygiene. You cannot carry cakes and dairy items openly in baskets and containers while in San Francisco.

Law 31: Are you really trying to play bowling on sidewalks? Bare witness when you are in Chicago, it is illegal.

Law 32: Keep your canary inside the cage if you live in Berkeley. If you whistle to find it before 7 am you will be charged.

Law 33: If your kids love to have pets, convince them to play with one while in San Jose. It is not permitted to keep two dogs or two cats in a house.

If you are a resident in one of the areas of California, then you should make yourself knowledgeable about the Californian word laws.