Are you dealing with a Cheating Spouse? Effective Tips and Tricks to catch a Cheating Spouse!

Keeping the sneaking doubts of being cheated can be the worst feeling that you may experience. You got the signs but were ignoring them to keep up with the relationship, but things are getting out of control. Cheating in the US has led to 20-40% of divorces as per American Psychological Association.

If you are wondering that your spouse is cheating on you and without getting him or her into the knowledge you want to find out by spying on yourself, then you are at the right place as we will be discussing some tips and tricks to catch a cheating spouse.

Before you scroll down to know how to catch a cheating spouse, spend a few days and give your time to rethink what would be your next step if your worse suspicions fall true. If you are trying to investigate on your own, be prepared to face whatever comes forth, right or wrong, good or bad. It is always a good idea to know what your state laws say about investigating alone and what arm’s length you can go without bumping yourself into illegality – to catch a cheating spouse.

Quick Facts – Cheating Spouse

  • The mental and emotional effects of cheating can create stress or tension or even ends a marriage or a relationship
  • Apart from the US, cheating also has legal consequences including jail time and monetary fines.
  • Studies of American couples indicate that 30 to 40% of heterosexual married men will also have an extramarital affair during their lifetime.

Best Ways to Catch Your Cheating Spouse

Let’s not get to conclusions right now, catching your partner red-handed isn’t that easy as it may look. Plus, if you have no idea how to deal with these situations, then things can go even worse.

Before you actually step into knowing how to catch your cheating spouse, it is equally important to know how not to catch your cheating spouse.

People often think that confronting your spouse is vital before you take any measures. This is not the case every time. It is always better to communicate, if you think that confronting your spouse will make him admit to cheating, think twice. It is better to know how to get the truth from cheating spouses hand in hand. Possibly your partner will become subtler and careful once he realizes that you are after him.

Your friends may also advise you to hire a detective if you want to find out the truth. However, hiring a competitive detective is not an easy job. Plus, it may take weeks and months to get the accurate information you need.

Therefore, trying to figure out on your own with these simple, cheap, and quick tips would work great and by going through the process you will gather the missing pieces of your past event that you were unable to get at that time.

Catching a Cheating Spouse on his Phone

This appears to be the most common and easiest way to catch your cheating spouse. In this tech world, if you want to spot anything about someone, grab their cellphones and you have it all. But how can you trace the footsteps when you are at work or your spouse is at work? To keep checking your spouse’s cell phone you have to have 24/7 access to it.

Fortunately, there’s a solution for it. There are numerous iPhone and Android tracker apps with which you can easily catch your cheating spouse. You can have access to your partner’s calls, text messages, messengers, social media, and whatnot. But it can be a bit pricey.

Catching a Cheating Partner on his Computer

If you see that instead of using a cellphone, your partner is mostly attached to a laptop even after coming from work, then consider it as a red flag if it shuts down the lid when you are around or changes the opened window or desktop. PCs, however, contain lesser chances of tracing as people mostly keep things to their cell phones. However, in some scenarios, you can check on the activities.

So how you will find out that your spouse is cheating on you through his computer;

Check Browser History – A browser’s history is stuffed with information. It will not only provide the history of the visited sites but also the information about your partner’s activities over the internet.

Apply a Keylogger – A keylogger comes in handy when you want to find out your target’s passwords. They come in both hardware and software versions. A software version of keylogger is always recommended as they are easy to use and provides subtlety. Once the software is installed in your target’s computer, you can get the record of every single keystroke your spouse has made using his computer, and that’s where you will find out passwords of his social media platforms.

Check on Social Media Accounts – It is high time to log in after getting the passwords of your spouse’s social media accounts – using keylogger or by any other means. Through this, you can check your target’s timeline, chats, and of course, the sent and received media files.

Checking out your spouse’s computer will bring out a goldmine of information and a lot of possibilities to find out the desired information.

Use Technology to Catch a Cheating Spouse

In order to catch your cheating partner, you can always use external devices. Some obvious and cheap options are:

A Spy Camera – This may sound retro, but believe us, a spy camera does its job greatly. Once you install a spy camera in your home, you can easily track what happens when you leave the home. However, looking over a spot where it covers the entire area without being visible can be tricky. You have to find a subtle place for them if you don’t want to be caught. For a start, you can install a camera in your bedroom where the activities may most likely happen. Spy cameras are available in most common objects such as pens, alarm clocks, or teddy bears, which you can place easily along with a TV stand, bookshelf, or side tables.

Hidden Microphones – A hidden voice recorder or a microphone also works great for this purpose. From them, you may not get the visual images but still, you can record the conversations and can get the idea of the relationship. Placing the microphone or recorder in his car can bring most of it.

GPS Car Tracker – Due to the innovations in technology you can easily find out when and where someone is within a few clicks. Is he hanging out with someone while telling you he’ll be working late at the office? Track his location and time by installing the GPS tracker in his phone or car and get a hold of it.

However, using a single device from any one of those mentioned above will do the work, but we recommend having one piece of each of them. Install a spy cam in your bedroom, a GPS tracker on his phone, and assemble a microphone in his car to get the best and quick results.

How to find out if Your Spouse is Cheating on you?

If you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you, there must be behavioral signs that you should look for. Here are the most common ones.

Attitude Change – Work stress mostly irritates men and most of the time your spouse’s attitude may change because of the stress. But sometimes, there are visible signals that your spouse is cheating on you. Some of them can be snapping you out frequently, starting arguments without any reason so he can spend time out of the house, and sometimes an increase in criticizing your body, shape, size, fashion sense, or even eating habits.

You don’t need to worry about the criticism, there’s nothing wrong with your appearance. The reason behind all this is the presence of another woman in his life.

Guilty Behaviors – Oftentimes, cheating comes with guilt. To fade the guilt-driven feeling, a cheating spouse may start giving you gifts for no reason or may not make eye contact with you while talking. A guilty partner will begin to act dubious as to if they are afraid of getting caught.

Emotional Distance – When your spouse is cheating on you, he is most likely to avoid spending time with you alone. He starts pushing you away, keeping an emotional distance from you. This is the time where practically husband and wife become strangers who once shared the same bed. When this happens, it proves that your spouse is having a secret affair.

He begins to remain busy – Your cheating spouse will begin to remain busy in calls, meetings, office work, and everything that keeps him away from home immediately. He may be working hard, there’s no need to doubt every time, but it is necessary to question when things repeatedly begin to happen.

Talking about other Women enthusiastically – One of the dead giveaways is speaking enthusiastically about other women. Most cheaters don’t really like to talk about women, especially with their spouses, but when they actually do they become over-excited. Besides, ‘she is just a friend’ becomes their favorite line. If this enthusiasm keeps glowing whenever your husband talks about his female co-worker or friend, there’s something that you should look upon.

Cell Phone everywhere – If your cheating spouse suddenly changes his cellphone password or becomes overprotective towards his phone he must be protecting something – possibly an affair.

Clears Logs and Chats – A major red flag waves when you don’t find any call or text message record on your spouse’s phone. Cheaters delete everything whenever they have an affair in order to remove traces from their history.

Moving away to receive Calls – Sometimes you need a quiet place when you want to answer certain calls. Although, if your husband always finds privacy to receive calls at specific hours or he has to stroll while messaging with someone, you should inquire.


If your conscious instincts suspect that your spouse is cheating, confirm them before taking any harsh measures by looking for the truth. Be prepared for every good or bad consequence which may affect your life even after your spouse confesses and conclude the affair which hardly happens.

Hence, try tech devices to confirm your doubts and have a family lawyer at your side, to find a solution or dissolution of your marriage.