A brief description of Family law

family law

Family law involves practices that particularly focus on family issues, like child custody, child adoption. Attorneys who practice in family law represent the clients in family courts. They are also entitled to file complaints, and submit legal documents – such as property documents and agreements – on behalf of the clients. Different U.S. states have … Read more

Can you file for Divorce without a Lawyer?

can you file for divorce without a lawyer

Divorce is a legal term that put your stress, pain, and trauma to an end. For most of people, it’s a relief and for others, a dreadful dream. Emotions are at their highest point when children, property, and assets are at stake. Making prompt decisions become overwhelming when events occur in a whirlwind. When it … Read more

How to get a Free lawyer for Child Custody?

how to get a free lawyer for child custody

Finding an experienced child custody lawyer is not as difficult as it was in the past. Child custody issues arise when couples get divorced and they get worsen when one of the partners forcefully tries to get the custody even when the conditions are against him or her. In these cases, matters cannot be resolved … Read more

How to find a Pro Bono family law attorney?

how to find a pro bono family law attorney

A Pro Bono attorney is a volunteer attorney, who guides you for your case procedures free. These Pro Bono lawyers also take cases to handle without getting paid from any external source, which generates the basic and unusual difference from the traditional lawyers that work for the government or for private firms and make a … Read more

Domestic Abuse and its types

domestic abuse

Domestic abuse, intimate partner violence, or domestic violence can be described as the behavior of controlling the partner and maintaining the dominance in a relationship. Abuse can be sexual, physical, economic, psychological, emotional, or threats that may affect another person. This also includes the behaviors that terrorize, frighten, humiliate, wound, injured, harm, blame, or intimidate … Read more

Child Adoption – Laws and Issues

child adoption

Transfer of a child’s rights from its birth parents to other parents is legally defined as adoption. Once the adoption process is completed, the adoptive parents have all the rights of the child. But concluding the definition here will leave the issues and laws behind the adoption process. Before making the adoption, families (especially mom … Read more