Driving Rules- You must know in 2021

driving rules

Planning to relocate to another city? Want to visit another place for personal purposes? You must familiarize yourself with the driving rules that are in place in that particular city. No matter what you know about driving rules, following them will keep you safe from unexpected events. Different states in the United States have different … Read more

Do Laws and Regulations exist for self-driving cars?

self driving car

We are now a part of a generation that is witnessing rapid technological evolution. However, upcoming autonomous cars would become a benchmark for human-made technological innovation. There may be countless questions popping up in your mind like; are there any rules and regulations to operate these cars on the road? How driving rules would change … Read more

A traffic court lawyer costs more than a traffic ticket – is it true?

traffic court lawyer cost

In most states of the US, every traffic ticket, every traffic violation, and other traffic-related crimes increase points on your driving license. The points you get depend on nature – the higher the offense, the higher the number of points. When a driver has reached a certain point value, his/her driving license can be revoked … Read more

What to do after a Car Accident?

car accident (1)

So, you met with a car accident and now you don’t know what to do. Whether to run from the spot or admit the responsibility of the collision. When you are on the road and the other driver hits your car, the first thing you should do is to stop and make sure everyone inside … Read more

Uninsured Driver Laws

Uninsured Driver Laws

You must insure your vehicle in order to drive on the roads of the United States. The vehicle laws in the United States need drivers to carry auto insurance coverages while driving on the roads for their safety. Almost every insurance company issues an insurance card, make sure you take your card before going somewhere … Read more

Restriction on cell phones while Driving

restriction on cellphones

Cell Phones have become an important part of our lives. We use cellphones for different reasons like accessing social media, planning our day, texting, calling, and much more. It’s like life is incomplete without a cellphone. People can forget their lunch at home but not the cellphone. But unfortunately, people are so addicted to it … Read more