What do you need to get your ID or driver’s license?

No matter how quickly you have to leave your home, you have to keep your ID with you. You must know that without your ID, you have no right nor you are allowed to drive on public roadways. In cases, if you are pulled over by the traffic police, the first thing he/she will ask you is to show your ID card.

ID or driver’s license will notify the traffic police and the law enforcing personnel that you are a licensed driver of the state and are allowed to operate a vehicle on public roads legally.

If you just become eligible to have your ID and want to know what do you need to get your id, then today’s post is for you. See the requirements below to have an idea of what you need to gather before applying for a driver’s ID, and the types of documents you will need to apply.

First-time applicant

If you are applying for the driver’s license or ID for the first time, you need to get one document from each group’s A, B, C, and D.


In case, you want a duplicate of your current driver’s license or ID, then you just need to have a form from group A.


In cases where you just need to correct any information on your ID, then from group A, you will take only one document. If you want to upgrade your current address, you may also need to have 2 documents from Group D as well.


If your ID is expiring soon, you have to request for renewal with a document from group A, to address the renewal of 2 documents from group D.

Let’s find out the documentation listed under each group.

Group A: Signature proof

  • Canceled check (details of a check cancellation within 90 days before the application is submitted).
  • Court Order
  • CDTP (Cooperative Driver Testing Program ) Certification form
  • Debit card/ Credit Card (with major brand names)
  • Government’s driver’s license
  • Driver Education Certificate
  • State Driving License
  • Medicare card
  • State ID card
  • Government ID card
  • Installment loan documents
  • Passport
  • Out-of-state Driver’s ID
  • Social Security card
  • S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Forms
    • I – 94 (Departure and Arrival Record) with Passport information
    • I – 766 (Authorization of Employment card)
    • I – 551 (Resident card)
  • Temporary CLP/DL/ID card
  • S. Military ID card with service records
  • Acceptable credit cards (including Discover, American Express, Diner Club, Visa, and MasterCard).

Group B: Birth date proof

  • Birth certificate (certified/attested/original)
  • Adoption records
  • Court order ( Alteration in birth date )
  • Citizenship Certificate (N560/N561)
  • Certified grade transcript
  • Foreign Passport
  • State Driver License/ ID
  • Counselor Report of Abroad birth
  • State ID Card
  • Naturalization Certificate ( N550/N570)
  • Real ID Card / Driver’s license
  • Social Security Award Letter (beneficiary only)
  • S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Forms
    • I – 94 ( Departure and Arrival Record with Passport)
    • I – 797A (Action Status charge Notice)
    • I – 766 ( Authorization of Employment Card)
    • I – 571 ( Refugee Document)
    • I – 551 (Resident Card)
  • S. Military ID Card/Driver’s License
  • S. Passport Card
  • S. Military Services Record and
  • S. Visas

Group C: Social Security proof

Apart from the following documents, every document must contain a social security number along with the applicant’s name.

  • State ID card Record
  • State driver’s license record
  • Pay Stub
  • SSA issued a social security card
  • Social Security Award Letter
  • S. Military ID Card/Driver’s license
  • SSA – 1099
  • S. Military Service Record (DD214)
  • W- 2

In case, social security number is not allotted to you, then U.S. permanent residents and U.S. citizens must show the affidavit and the documented proof received from the Social security administration that verifies, you have not been allotted a social security number yet.

Group D: Residency proof

  • Official Statement (Electronic)
  • Canceled check (details of a check cancellation within 90 days before the application is submitted).
  • Bank Statement
  • Credit Report
  • Certified grade
  • Title/Deed/, Mortgage, Lease agreement/Rental
  • Insurance Policy
  • Medical Claim
  • Letter on the letterhead of School Officials
  • Statement of benefits
  • Official mail from State, City, Country, Village, or federal
  • Electronic deposit slip or Pay Stub
  • Retirement Statement / pension
  • Report Cards from High School/ University/colleges
  • Invoices of paid Tuition fees
  • Utility Bills ( garbage, water, land/cell, telephone, electricity, gas, cable, issued and submitted within 3 months of application)

Documents included in groups A, B, C must have your current full address to use for group D documents.

Residing with a relative

In situations where you reside with a relative in any other state from your hometown, then you must provide two acceptable residential proofs of the residential address under the name of the relatives i.e. documents that shows the relationship with the resident and the certification or residential address.

Acceptable family relationship forms include but not limited to:

  • Marriage certificate
  • Military dependent ID card
  • Birth certificate
  • Adoption records

If you can’t submit these documents, then the certification of residential address form must be submitted.

List of unacceptable documents

  • Business cards
  • University or College ID card
  • Bond card/ Bond receipt
  • Check cashing card
  • Club Membership card
  • Concealed carry card
  • Commercially produced an ID card
  • Fishing license
  • DHS (Department of Human Services) documents or cards
  • HFS (Healthcare and Family services) card
  • Hunting card
  • Handwritten employment/ID card
  • State FOID card
  • Insurance card
  • Instruction Permit card
  • International driving permit
  • Personal mail
  • Library card
  • Traffic Citation
  • Unlicensed Loan papers
  • Vehicle registration
  • Wallet ID
  • Video Club membership

The requirements of the identity card or the driver’s license can vary from state to state, so to comply with the registration of ID cards, gather all the information about the documents required for your ID card for the first attempt and the renewal, residential proof, and the social security.

To know the state-specific requirement click on your state and find out what do you need to get your id according to your state requirements.

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