Why should you hire lawyers for driver’s license suspension?

One of the biggest issues people tend to face after the conviction of driving under influence, (DUI) or other traffic violation is the suspension of driving license. An arrest can lead you to get your license suspended, thus hampering your chances of sitting behind the wheels again.

If you’ve received a notice regarding your license suspension, and if you don’t follow up for the next 10 days – then it is probable that your driving license will be suspended automatically. In this case, hiring lawyers for driver’s license suspension will become an obligation.

To have a detailed overview of the consequences and cause of driver’s license suspension, read further.

Suspended driver’s license

Every state regulates strict driving laws for the provision of safety and security of citizens. However, it has the right to cancel or suspend a driver’s license if the driver is found guilty or has been arrested against the violation of traffic laws. This means that a driver would not be able to drive. Also, the driving privileges can be taken on hold.

The length of suspension period varies across the states. It can range from six months to several years. To avoid getting a license suspension notice, it is recommended to consult a lawyer.

Major Causes of license suspension

Depending on the severity of your violation, the period of your license suspension can be varied. Some of the major, yet common causes of license suspension include:

  • Driving a car without the insurance coverage
  • Underage drinking
  • Failure to inform traffic officer about an accident
  • Vandalism
  • Arrest after DUI
  • Avoiding drug test
  • Failure to attend the court hearing
  • Not paying for the damage or compensation

What can be the consequences for driving with a suspended license

It is important to know that having a driving license is a privilege, but due to any reason, if this privilege is lost, then to get it back without paying for your violation can be difficult and even impossible. But if you still chose to drive without having a license, then you should expect yourself to get severe penalties.


If you want to drive without a license, you are at a loss. It is like playing with fire. You will be pulled over and there will be such outcomes that you don’t like to have. In some of the states, penalties can be raised up to $200 or $300. Although, in some places the first violation can be charged up to $1000, and if you know the consequences – and you still opt to drive without a license – you may get into double trouble.

Jail time

Paying a fine in the wake of your conviction will not do you any good. Oftentimes, the judge can order you to spend time behind the bars, depending on the type of violation or damage you have done. Furthermore, a serious traffic violation may lead you to lose your driving license for good.

Why should you hire lawyers for driver’s license suspension?

If you have gotten a ticket in lieu of driving without your license, you can still rely on the lawyers for driver’s license suspension, who will help you get through the dilemma and get the driver’s license back. Suppose:

  • If you have been arrested for DWI (Driving While Intoxicated), and you insist not to give a blood or breath test, then you may be subjected to a suspended driving license for about 180 days. On the other hand, if you have given the test but violated the traffic rules then you may get 90 days’ suspension in A lawyer for a driver’s license will help you in getting the occupational driver’s license. After getting the occupational driving license, you will be able to drive even during your suspension period.
  • DWLS (Driving While License Suspended) and DWLI (Driving While License Invalid) are the offenses that are charged when an individual drives a vehicle with a suspended or an invalid driving license. In this case, offenses are subjected to be filed as Class A, B, or C. where class C offenses are charged with fines only, and do not carry the jail time. On the other hand, the c=Class B offenses come with penalties of jail time up to 180 days including a fine amounting to $2000. The Class A offences come with the hardest punishment, with a fine amounting to $4000 and a one-year jail time that can be extended. A lawyer here will fight the case to defend you in the court.

No matter how you have violated the traffic laws, you may need to hire a lawyer even after a car accident., to support you against the penalties you’re expected to get.


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