what to do before getting a divorce: Necessary steps

In this article, we will explain the necessary steps about what to do before getting a divorce. Divorce can be an emotional situation for either of the spouses. It can affect your mental and physical health. It may be the case that divorce is a mutual agreement between the two of you, or maybe it’s out of strong negative reasons that you want to leave your spouse. In any case, first of all, you should make sure you are financially secure. If there are any child custody issues involved, then being financially stable is even more important. However, there are other considerations too.

In this article, we will explain at least six important considerations you must take into account before even starting divorce proceedings.

The facts about a divorce case

There is no doubt that it is a difficult legal procedure. It does not matter if both partners have agreed to dissolve their marriage amicably. Emotional, mental and financial strains involved in a divorce process can hamper your future.

If you have decided to go to the court, then you will have to hire a divorce lawyer. Both partners should appear at a Domestic Relation Court.

Most partners are completely taken by surprise by a divorce proceeding. Many people do not know that there are necessary steps to prepare themselves to handle a divorce-related case. In this article, you will learn a few steps you can easily take to get yourself ready. These steps are meant to put you in a strong position. Even if you and your partner are ready to part ways, you should consider the following points, before you get to know what to do before getting a divorce:

Your financial position

You must have all your financial records intact and be ready to present them all in the court. You must know about your exact income per month or annually, your assets with receipts or ownership papers, your exact debt, expenses, and your tax returns. All this must be kept in order before even going to file for a divorce. The best position you could place yourself is by collecting up-to-date financial records from your business managers/employer.

All this can help an attorney prepare a strong case for divorce to safeguard your financial interests, if something goes wrong in the court.

Organize all your affairs

Be very proactive. Sign wills if you have to, now. You should update any estate plans, loans and other financial obligations. You must get this all done before going for a divorce.

In different states of the US, like California, once a spouse files for a divorce, a temporary stoppage order, concerning all legal/financial dealings, is issued. This means a person will not be able to carry out any type of transaction(s).

Prepare yourself financially for the case

Once you file a divorce case then the other spouse might completely stop financially supporting you. Therefore, keep saving up money. This is so important if you have less control over financial issues.

Sometimes people tend to show strange behaviors when put under pressure or new situations. You might have lived with your partner for a long time, but you might still not know the person inside out. You might start developing justifiable concerns about your valuables at home – such as money in the house, jewelry, or valuable documents to ownership of assets. Try to keep small valuables items in a safety deposit. You can have someone guard important items at home, but that is going to be difficult. You can use ‘the element of surprise’ to your advantage, and against your spouse. It is not necessary to tell your spouse your intentions. When you have safeguarded your finances, then go ahead with the divorce. This is a very important aspect about what to do before getting a divorce.

Record everything in a journal

If there is a child custody issue involved, you should record everything concerning the involvement you have had with your children. You must also present evidence regarding the lack of involvement your spouse had with your children. You must record all activities with time and date to solidify your proof. You can include opinions of teachers, neighbors, doctors about your child’s interaction with you and the other spouse. Prove with pictures and text messages that you were there with your children at school events and birthday parties.

Avoid social media exposure

As the case starts, avoid any type of social media exposure. Don’t post anything from the court on your social media pages, otherwise, you will receive an unprecedented backlash, that will lead you to lose your ground. You should seek help counselors, family and friends to talk to and morally support you. This is what to do before getting a divorce.


The main point is to remember that no matter you go for a divorce, it would have a detrimental effect on your emotional, physical, and financial well-being. You should be proactive while pursuing a divorce case. You should get everything updated well before the case starts. Be careful who you confide in about your decision about filing a divorce case.

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