Can you file for Divorce without a Lawyer?

Divorce is a legal term that put your stress, pain, and trauma to an end. For most of people, it’s a relief and for others, a dreadful dream. Emotions are at their highest point when children, property, and assets are at stake. Making prompt decisions become overwhelming when events occur in a whirlwind.

When it comes to putting a full stop to a relationship, people want to do it as quickly as possible. Since the requirements of the states vary, but it all starts with completing the paperwork and filing. It’s normally harder and overpriced to file a divorce on fault grounds, so before filing, you must find all the requirements your state court needs to file a divorce. Seventeen states in the U.S. accept no-fault divorces, according to which you can begin the divorce filing and the process only take a few days. In a no-fault divorce, it is not necessary to prove the wrongdoing of your partner, like cruelty, adultery, or abandonment. While for the rest of the states, you can file a no-fault divorce or the one based on your partner’s conduct.

Can You File For Divorce Without A Lawyer?

If you are married for a shorter time or you don’t have any assets or children that need to be taken for a custody issue, then you may be wondering can you file for divorce without a lawyer? you may not. You can file for your divorce filing. This is said to be the quickest way to go through the process. If you want to claim your rights and get support from your spouse, then only you need to have the help of a lawyer. If not, then all you need is to obtain forms from the local court clerk’s office.

Options to consider when getting a divorce without a lawyer;

You can surely get the divorce on your own if:

  • Both of you have agreed on the issues pertaining to divorce (such as custody, support, and property division),
  • You are aware of your family’s assets, debts, and property and there is nothing that will complicate things later, and
  • You have agreed and are sure about the children’s arrangements w.r.t. support, visitations, and custody.

You can control your temper and have time to invest

You must be having money, but are you ready to invest time in researching your state laws, court filing, gathering information, and go through court appearances at the same time? Not only this, you may be on the rollercoaster of emotions even after the agreement of both of you and your partner during the divorce process.

Consider negotiation

If you and your partner are having issues on one or two matters, then consider mediation and try finding out the solution for the issues, such as consulting an experienced divorce mediator who resolves and brings the controversial issues to closure. Similarly, if emotional issues are arising, a counselor may be the one who can help you with the process. Your partner and you might end up on the agreement that suits you both.

But still, can you file for divorce without a lawyer?

Don’t underestimate the tax issues

You may encounter post-divorce tax issues while filing a divorce petition. You will need a tax preparer, financial advisor, or accountant who will alert you about the tax issues, which should be considered before the divorce. Visit IRIS, they offer free information about tax which you must need to know before the divorce.

Start looking for the information from your nearest

A country clerk’s office near you can provide you the basic information you need for filing your divorce. The country clerk’s office may not be able to give you any legal advice but can make a way to a law library for you, where you can find the information about divorce laws and regulations.

To find the information in the quickest way about the court procedure, fees, your local court location, the branch near you, or the clerk’s address, you can follow a direct link that leads you to the court website which is State Local Government.

When do you need a Lawyer?

There are always reasons when you need a lawyer. A lawyer knows what are the long-term consequences of a decision. The court may not give your children’s custody to you or may compel you to finance and support your children and spouse, looking at both of yours and your spouse’s financial conditions. If you hire a lawyer for your case, all of the matters will direct through the lawyer’s office, and s/he will make sure to guide you for the repercussions of the decision you can face, which you may not know at that time.

If you are filing a same-gender divorce, then you must be more cautious as the rules and laws for the divorce can be different and complicated. You may necessarily need a lawyer for the same-gender divorce.

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