Should I get an Attorney after a Car Accident? Or not – Here’s what you need to know

Based on the advertisement you see on different mediums, you may wonder and ask yourself, “should I get an attorney after a car accident?”  to claim the damage and get the compensation from insurance companies. However, in reality, you are not required to hire an attorney every time after an accident.

You might want to know more about the situations when you don’t need to involve an attorney after an accident.

No Physical Injuries Involved

There can be situations when the damage has only happened to the property and no human was present in the vehicle. It can happen in the parking area or because of an animal. If not you or any of your listed drivers are harmed in these cases, then it will not be a worthy act to pursue a personal injury claim.

Other scenarios can be different when you are driving without any passenger and you got hit by a two-wheeler and bumped into something (with no bone damage, any lingering injury that caused you to miss your work for one or two days), then it is not a good option to claim a personal injury too.

While making the judgment of “no injuries” you have to be more careful, because a small injury seems harmless, but can become a big issue later on. Make sure to get complete details from your doctor before deciding not hiring an attorney.

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Let Bygones Be Bygones

Most people have the attitude that what has happened is part of life. They think that being in an accident is normal. It’s easy to have this kind of attitude if you didn’t get injured in an accident. But, in some cases, people take it as no big deal, even if the injury happens to them or to their property. Moreover, it saves time for them and their attorneys to go through the long process of personal injury claims as well.

Keep reading the article for a clearer understanding of should I get an attorney after a car accident

Savvy About the Insurance Process

Many people know nowadays how to purchase auto insurance online, they know how to explore different sites and take referrals to get the best insurance policy for their vehicle. They just jump to the website, put the required information, and make the premium payments. Few people know about different coverages an insurance company is providing. But if you still want to hire an attorney for your auto insurance, then you must get the consultation first, because it’s not a myth that an attorney will cost you more than your damage claim. For example, if your car accident claim settlement is $100,000 without consulting, then an attorney can cost you more than $150,000 for the damage claim.

I Can Handle My Case Myself

The process of your claim isn’t rocket science, that you yourself cannot pursue. If you are not badly injured in the accident and you have the ability to give enough time to your case and learn to represent your claim, then you don’t need to hire a lawyer.

In the claim process; the main steps involved are obtaining relevant documents, making phone calls, and doing necessary paperwork. By doing all the claim process by yourself, you are basically telling the insurance company that you are not a man of straw.

You Were at Fault

If the accident happened because of your fault, then you probably do not have to hire an attorney. If you were at fault, then your insurance company is responsible to provide you with legal assistance. Insurance companies make close relationships with attorneys who claim personal injuries and pay for them for their cases they pursue on their behalf.

The insurance company will not cost you extra as it is mostly mentioned in your insurance company policy. However, your insurer may revise your rates after the incident.


For many people, it is quite a displeasing experience to get into an accident. Personal injury claims can be tiring sometimes and you should only hire a personal injury attorney if you are unsure about the process. A personal injury attorney will guide you, tackle the complexity, and protect your interest while filing your claim.

But there are some cases (mentioned above) where you can avoid hiring a personal injury lawyer and save your money. Until you are not sure about the process, do not handle your personal injury case by yourself, you may strike on your own feet.

After reading the guidelines, you may be able to guide others as well who might ask you the same question “should I get an attorney after a car accident?”

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