Restriction on cell phones while Driving

restriction on cellphones

Cell Phones have become an important part of our lives. We use cellphones for different reasons like accessing social media, planning our day, texting, calling, and much more. It’s like life is incomplete without a cellphone. People can forget their lunch at home but not the cellphone. But unfortunately, people are so addicted to it … Read more

What happens when you Drive without a License?

when you drive without license

Driving with a license is nothing short of honor in the United States, where one cannot easily get a driving license. You have to pass driving tests, get your vision tested, submit all documents which show that you are clear in your records and eligible for the license, and you have to pay high fees … Read more

What everybody should know about Road Traffic Rules?

traffic rules

It is the responsibility of each one of us including pedestrians, passengers, and drivers to follow traffic rules and avoid every type of misadventure. Traffic rules keep us and others safe. There are certain rules and regulations that drivers have to follow to ensure the safety of property and human lives. Rules like wearing helmets, … Read more