Things to do for Changing Name on Drivers License

There may be several reasons when someone wants to change their name. There may be because of marriage, because of divorce, or maybe just to follow the trend.

But changing the name on drivers’ license may not be easy.

To change your name on your driver’s license it is required to change your name legally. Once you have done that, your name should be changed to the Social Security Administration. On doing both, your driver’s license name change will be possible.

If you have changed your name legally but not in the social security administration, then you need to do that first. Before that, your name on the driver’s license will not be updated.

The article entails the information about the name change on driver’s license procedure once you have gone through the legal and Security name change process.

How to change your Credentials on your Driver’s License?

In most states, to change your name, address, gender, or zip code, in your driver’s license or in your ID card, you may need to apply for a duplicate card first. The process of the name change depends on the state you live in. Your state may follow a different process to change your name on your driver’s license legally.

Moreover, for changing the name, the federal government needs DMV requirements which make the process more complicated. To know your state requirements, you can check the DMV website and find out the list of documents and fees you need for a name change.

Changing Name on Drivers License after Marriage

Regardless of the reason for changing your name, the procedure is merely the same. The only thing which is different is the required documents that you will need to provide.

In case, the purpose of your name change is your marriage then you need to provide a certified copy of the certificate (not a photocopy) of your marriage.

In the same way, if the reason for the name change is a divorce, then you are required to provide a certified copy of your divorce judgment with the provision of the name change.

If there’s another reason other than marriage or divorce, then in every case, you would need a DMV along with the judgment that made your name change legal.

Documents that you may require to change name on Drivers License

Honestly speaking, if the reason for name change is neither marriage nor divorce, then you will need many documents to prove the authenticity of your identity. These documents must have your new and your old name. Plus, these documents must prove the genuine citizenship of the United States and your address.

As mentioned, you need to identify through the DMV website about your state requirements. Following are some of the requirements that you would be requested to submit commonly:

  • Certified copies of your birth certificate
  • Green Card, Social Security Card, and your old driver’s license containing your old credentials.
  • Mortgage documents, Bank statements, or any other documents that confirm your current address.
  • Your divorce decree, court order, or marriage certificate that supports your request to change your name.

Gather these and any other documents that your state requires according to the DMV website prior to visiting DMV to request a name change.

In situations where you are short of any document, call DMV or contact the relevant department to gather the documents. Make sure that you have everything for the reason.

Time to get your License

In order to receive your updated driver’s license, you will be required to visit the DMV in person. Unfortunately, there’s no way that you can get your updated license online.

To avoid the long lines at the DMV, make sure that you must book an appointment first. Otherwise, visit the venue early. Bring all the documents you found on the website to bring, if in doubt call ahead and know what alternative you can bring.

If not, then all you need to do is go back empty-handed and come back another time with the required documents.

For another updated driving license, you don’t have to give the driving test as long as you have the previous active driving license.

At the DMV let the officer know that you need to update and change your name in your driver’s license for XYZ reasons and you have provided the required documentation for this as well, you then need to fill out the name change application.

To attach the application you need to wait for a photo at the spot, give a vision test, and pay the required fee. The fee is expected to be $20 but it can vary depending on the state and application requirement. Plus, you have to keep the fee in cash with you as the department would not likely accept credit cards.

Once paid, you will have a temporary driver’s license to be used until you get the official license through mail. For this, you need to provide the accurate mail address in the application. A minor mistake in the address can add additional hassle to your pocket. The official time to receive your official driver’s license is a maximum of two months. If you do not receive it within the 60 day period, (which is rare) contact the DMV as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to officially change your name in the driver’s license?

The list of documents you need to change your name in your driver’s license is mentioned above. Check the article to find out.

Changing name on drivers license, how much does it cost?

The total cost for changing your name on your driver’s license may vary according to the state you reside. Check the complete information about the breakdown of the fee structure here.

Do you have to change my name on your license if you get married?

You could be breaking the law if you are driving with your outdated details. If you have got married, moved house, or divorced – changing your name will be mandatory. Keep them updated once after every change in your address or name occurs.

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