Bumble Lawsuit Settlement 2021 – $3 Million for Discriminated Males over the Bumble App

United States federal and state governments have strict laws over discrimination. No matter where it has been performed – at the workplace, hospitals, employment opportunities, or even on the internet, based on gender, race, culture, or religion.

Every entity in position must abide by these laws as the violation may bring serious penalties. The same happened with the Bumble app for which a bumble lawsuit had been filed.

The Bumble class action lawsuit was filed by the user of a mobile application Bumble in California. The Bumble lawsuit is based on the discrimination users faced on the app between May 29, 2016, and July 1st, 2021. These users were found as male subscribers who were intentionally searching for women on this dating app.

The bumble lawsuit allegedly accused the bumble app of discriminating against male users who are interested in women as the app only allows women users to message first through the messaging feature of the dating application.

As of the report shared by the Business of Apps, only in 2020, the Bumble App gathered around 100 million users from all over the world.

Bumble on the other hand refused to accept any litigation to pursue and interestingly denied the wrongdoing raised by the plaintiffs Kirilose Mansour and other involved parties. Apart from denying the allegations, Bumble app manufacturers opted to provide the settlement amount of $3 million to end the prolonged legal proceedings and lawsuit filed against them.

They proclaimed that they settled the case just to move ahead from the expensive legal and litigation process. Besides a $3 million settlement which will be used to benefit the selected group of male individuals who raised the concern, Bumble App developers and manufacturers agreed to alter their policies with some clauses that would benefit everyone and would not portray discriminatory practices which were not meant this time as well.

Bumble Lawsuit Initial Settlement

Claimants are suggested to learn about the ongoing Bumble lawsuit discrimination settlement agreement. They need to consider the keynotes of the agreement that includes:

  • The Bumble lawsuit settlement will only compensate the male Californian users who used the application between the duration of March 29, 2016 – July 21st, 20201.
  • Male users of the dating app who affirm that they are interested in contacting women on the application through their device will be included in the settlement.
  • According to the initial estimation of the settlement, each plaintiff participant will get a total of about $30 with twenty chances of Super Swipes with which they can contact women on the app first.
  • Plaintiffs will have to agree on the settlement benefits that may change due to the development in the case such as the increasing number of claimants.
  • Class members with the valid claim submission will automatically become eligible for receiving compensation amount no need to provide additional documents.
  • The compensation amount will be disbursed once after the court and attorney’s fee will be paid and other legal expenses have been deducted.
  • The members of the class, without an active account on the Bumble app with a valid claim denying to receive the twenty super swipe offer will receive a portion of the rata share from the settled $3 million amount. However, the final share of each claimant is expected to be $30 but is variable.

The final deadline for submitting the claim is Nov 9th, 2021. If you have been one of the victims of discrimination mentioned by the plaintiffs against the Bumble app and suffered the cause of the lawsuit between the dates mentioned, then you must file your claim before Nov 9th, 2021.

The deadline to opt-out from your claim or to object to any clause in the lawsuit was Oct 25, 2021. If you have been adhering to the case information then you may not be able to claim or object now. This is because the hearing of the bumble class action lawsuit settlement is scheduled for Nov 17, 2021, and the deadline to claim has passed as well.

To file your claim, you can download the claim form and should submit it before Nov 9th,2021 if you find yourself under the discriminated lawsuit.


In the case where you do not qualify for the Bumble class action lawsuit settlement, then do not file a claim. A claim is filed under the penalty of perjury. If a false or fake claim is filed, this will affect the whole case and other eligible claimants as well.

If you are still interested in filing a claim regarding discrimination but are unsure if you qualify or not, read the frequently asked questions at the Settlement Administrator’s website to see what requirements you need to meet to file a class-action lawsuit. You can also check other open class action lawsuits databases to see if you qualify for other settlements other than the Bumble lawsuit.

In short, avoid making false claims if you are not eligible for it.

As for Bumble application makers, they already have faced a lawsuit the previous year for which the settlement amount of $22.5 million was paid. The plaintiffs accused that the Bumble application failed to inform users about the auto-renewal subscription policy. Through this, they violated California and New York consumer protection laws.

For the hearing, which was scheduled on Zoom due to mobility restrictions, the court proposed the defendants dissolve the claims by mitigating the damages suffered by the plaintiffs.

If you think that you are eligible for the Bumble lawsuit, then you must file a claim as the deadline to file the claim is approaching near.

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