Federal sexual assault crimes: What is aggravated sexual assault?

Federal sexual assault crimes What is aggravated sexual assault

Every year, thousands of American citizens receive sexual assault accusations against them. Often these allegations are merit-less and exaggerated to some extent but most of them are merit-based. Sexual harassment and actual accusation come under sexual assault and the consequences leading after sexual assault can easily jeopardize the reputation of the accused. Before discussing further, … Read more

Inchoate crimes solicitation: What are Inchoate Crimes & its Consequences

Inchoate crimes solicitation What are Inchoate Crimes & its Consequences

“Inchoate Crimes” are offenses that do not need the performance of the planned criminal conduct in its entirety. These crimes are classified into four types: attempts, solicitation, conspiracy, and aiding and abetting. While all four crimes are connected, each requires a distinct kind of evidence. An “attempt” is made when someone does an act with … Read more

What is larceny? Is there any Difference Between Burglary and Larceny?

What is larceny Is there any Difference Between Burglary and Larceny

The United States comes across millions of theft and larceny cases annually which often include shoplifting, pick-pocketing, bag-snatching, vehicle snatching etc. Similar to the year 2021, despite lockdown and certain limitations, there were millions of theft and larceny crimes reported throughout the year in almost every state. But what is larceny? Or Burglary? How can … Read more

Difference between Aggravated and Felonious Assault & What’s the Penalty for them in the US?

Aggravated and Felonious assault what’s the penalty for them in the US

If you have been learning law, you might have come across the word “felonious assault”. Generally, a deliberate attempt of attack on another individual using a “dangerous weapon” or “dangerous ordnance” is considered a felonious assault. According to Ohio’s state law, if somebody threatens an individual using a deadly weapon irrespective of whether the accused … Read more

What is a suspended sentence in criminal cases and what is its eligibility criteria?

What is a suspended sentence in criminal cases and what is its eligibility criteria

How many years of jail sentence will you get after a criminal conviction? The question may arise when you have criminal charges. But defendants can avoid going to jail by receiving probation or a suspended sentence. A suspended sentence is a situation where a judge convicts a defendant with jail time but delays the implementation … Read more