Can text messages be used in criminal court: A guide to constrict through text messages

can text messages be used in criminal court

This article is meant for the professionals, practitioners, and all those who have been called for the trial against false allegations, or those who are required to document their emails, conversations, text messages as reference or evidence in a court trial. A detailed account about can text messages be used in criminal court, how to and what … Read more

A general explanation of substantive criminal law

substantive criminal law

The substantive criminal law encompasses all the crimes that are deemed legally punishable and the associated principles and doctrines that form the basis of the contemporary criminal law in the United States. In this article, we will explain the provisions of substantive criminal law. Substantive law This law covers all the crimes that affect the … Read more

How Does The United States Criminal Justice System Work?


Usually, the criminal justice system is represented by a particular institution, but in the United States, the network of the criminal justice courts encompasses state, federal, and special units of the military and territorial courts. However, criminal laws vary across jurisdictions and depend on what the U.S. Constitution promulgates about them. The cases that are … Read more

What is White Collar Crime- A brief description

what is white collar crime

In simple terms, a white-collar crime is performed without creating violence, where the main purpose of the crime is to gain financial advantage. White-collar criminals hold the prestige or power of a position and are involved in the concealment of assets, deceit, and misuse of trust. The word “white-collar crime” was crafted by Edwin Sutherland … Read more

How you can do free Criminal Background check on someone?

free criminal background check

A Free criminal background check delivers information about a person like full name, address history, social security number, gender, criminal history, and criminal charges, etc. Background checks are often performed by the employers to check the presence of any criminal activity in the records of an employee. Criminal background check reflects a preemptive approach to … Read more

What is a Pretrial in a Criminal Case?

what is a pretrial in a criminal case

If any of your loved ones or you are facing criminal charges, you are certainly anxious about the case proceedings and how things are going to work in the trial. Of course, the anxiety you feel stems from the insecurities and lack of information regarding the legal process, the potential of the case, and the … Read more