Crimes punishable by Death in the United States

death penalty

Death penalties are also known as “capital punishments,” which can only be imposed by a court if the nature of offense is very serious and caused damage to the society. When European made their presence in the new world, they brought the practices of death punishment with them. In North America, the execution of the … Read more

Criminal Justice in the American System

definition criminal justice system

If you find yourself in a situation where you violated any law that you must abide by, then you have committed a crime. Those crimes may result in imprisonment, fines, or even death sentence. In criminal trials, either the state government or the federal government uses the criminal justice system to punish or seek to … Read more

What does a criminal defense attorney do?

criminal defence attorney

A criminal defense attorney executes many functions when they proceed to solve criminal cases. He or she speaks on behalf of his/her clients. He is also responsible to keep information private and use it where necessary. Case assignment A criminal lawyer can be contacted directly for a case or can be assigned by the court. … Read more

Everything you need to know about a Criminal Lawyer

private criminal defense vs public criminal defense

Criminal lawyers are also known as Criminal Defense lawyers and public defenders. They usually work to defend individuals and private or public organizations that are accused with a crime. The crime could be stealing (any property forcefully), misleading, murder, or any unlawful act to harm someone physically or emotionally. Lawyers have to handle a large … Read more