What is a conspiracy? What could be some possible conspiracy charges sentences?

You should not have any doubt in getting severe sentencing when you are involved in manslaughter or any other crime that suppose to end in a murder conviction. However, one may have confusion in understanding what a conspiracy charge means in a manslaughter case. No matter in which state you reside, you may get harsh conspiracy charges sentences depending on the crime you are involved in. But what is a conspiracy and what state or federal charges you may face for it – can be understood from the next part of the article.

Understanding conspiracy?

A conspiracy is an act of crime that involves two or more people to commit. Conspiracy does not only limit itself to criminal activity but any act that includes any illegal action against the state or federal legislation would be called a conspiracy.

Additionally, to have a conspiracy charge, it is not necessary for someone to take part in criminal activity. Knowing the plan, the place used for the criminal activity, people involved in the crime, how the stolen money is going to be used or distributed among the involved parties, or any other detail about the crime can be taken as conspiracy.

Sadly, you can be part of a conspiracy just agreeing to commit an illegal activity without even following the plan or actually committing it. One may connect conspiracy with the crime of aiding and abetting but the charge of conspiracy is different. Aiding and abetting are such less serious crimes where prosecutors must prove that someone has aided in committing a crime. It is even easy to hold someone liable under conspiracy charges sentences as the prosecutor just needs to prove that someone has the information about the plan.

Under federal laws, however, a prosecutor must prove that took measurable steps in committing a crime rather than just being agreed upon and talking about them.

What does conspiracy include?

One thing that you must need to bear in mind is that the form of aid or any type of agreement doesn’t need to be illegal to be charged with the conspiracy charges sentences. Sometimes a legal action can lead to an arrest or conviction of conspiracy charge if you further involve yourself in committing and accomplishing a crime. For instance;

  • Buying a firearm
  • Offering co-conspirator a weapon
  • Giving signals to co-conspirator
  • Making calls and messages to co-conspirators to support the criminal activity
  • Renting a space in a hotel in order to commit a crime.
  • Driving a car
  • Any other act, which is lawful in nature becomes illegal if the act leads to manslaughter or a killing of an individual.

What types of conspiracy charges one can face?

Penalties for conspiracy crimes can vary across states. Several times you can be convicted for conspiracy crimes for the following reasons;

  • Conspiracy in committing a felony crime: You can be convicted for felony crimes involving one or more persons to commit an unlawful act inside or outside of your state. If you are conspiring for a crime that relates to capital punishment, then possibly you would get a class 3 felony charge for which someone can get a fine of up to $10,000 and a prison time of two to ten years.
  • Conspiracy in committing terrorism: Whether someone is successful in committing a crime or not related to any kind of terrorism, a terror activity can lead to a conviction of class 2 or 3 felony which is punishable by a life sentence. 
  • Conspiracy in committing fraud: Many times, there is more than one criminal involved in a fraud agreement which often involves conspiracy charges. For instance, the conspiracy involved in pyramid schemes, credit card fraud, conspiracies involved in the use of birth certificates, Ponzi schemes, etc. These misdemeanor charges of less severe Class 1 felony crimes can be one-year jail time or a fine of up to $2,500. If there’s a Class 6 felony crime, it leads to a conspiracy charges sentences up to five years’ jail time with a fine of up to $2,500.
  • Conspiracy for trespassing: Whenever there’s a conspiracy involved in provoking someone to trespass and stay in someone else’s property without taking the owner’s permission, this could lead to conspiracy charges sentences of Class 3 misdemeanor with the fine of up to $500. It also involves the charges of larceny where the theft of property of more than $200 can lead one to be charged with capital punishment for up to 20 years.

It only takes one accusation

Just because there is so much covered in the conspiracy charge and the wide range of evidence that prosecution needs to prove conspiracy, it only needs one allegation that can lead to making an arrest. Furthermore, it is also possible to have the same conviction and penalties that others involved in aiding, abetting, and planning co-conspirators would get.

Hire a violent criminal attorney for your rights

Both felony and misdemeanor charges after the conspiracy conviction can lead to severe charges and jail time. Plus, the strict charges and felony conviction with the permanent criminal history can restrict the future opportunity you may have such as obtaining a driving license, pursuing a career, and obtaining a residence. This is why, if you are charged with conspiracy charges no matter felony or misdemeanor, hiring an experienced defense attorney will bring reduced or no charges (depending on the criminal history and the type of conspiracies).

In addition to that, there are defense statements and arguments that may help you in reducing your charge and work in your defense. Having a defense attorney by your side will help you raise defenses like;

  • You withdrew from the conspiracy before it could happen
  • You were not aware of the plan or the agreement
  • You withdrew from being a part of the crime when you became aware of it.
  • You were accused wrongly by the conspirators
  • Facts that you think will neglect possible conspiracy charges sentences.

The essential element compelling the court to eliminate the charges is presenting strong defenses against the prosecutor’s allegations. And that can be possible if you are having an experienced defense attorney by your side with a successful background. Hire an attorney today to protect your rights today.

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