How to make yourself pee for a drug test: Techniques and Remedies that actually work!

Urinalysis or a urine drug test is one of the ways to find if someone has recently consumed an illegal drug. Your employer, sports team head, or any other authority may ask you to provide a urine test for the same purpose.

But if you don’t think that you are ready to provide the sample, what can you do even if you want to perform a drug test? How to make yourself pee for a drug test? Well, the answer for these requires quite a few things that you must need to consider. But first, let’s find out what it is and why it is necessary to provide a urinalysis.

What is a Urine Drug test?

When you consume any illegal drug, your body releases the chemicals obtained from these drugs through urine. Traces of these chemicals easily appear anywhere from a few days to weeks in your urine once you consume them. 

A lab technician performs the urinalysis and finds out the amount of drug and the time it was taken. The substances that are traceable through the test include:

  • Marijuana
  • Opioids
  • Cocaine
  • Steroids
  • PCP – Phencyclidine
  • Barbiturates

When does a urinalysis require?

You may need to provide a drug test in many situations to prove that you have or have not taken any illegal drugs recently. These situations include;

Applying for a job

Companies remain vigilant about hiring employees. They prefer taking urine tests to reduce the risk of hiring employees involved in consuming illegal drugs. A major reason behind this is that the drug lowers productivity in the workplace. Also, it involves a higher risk of conflicts with coworkers and accidents if a job demands an employee to work with machinery.

At your workplace

Most companies also require workers to provide urine tests on a regular basis or ask randomly to provide one. With this, they want to make sure that employees have not started taking drugs after their hiring. Companies who regularly ask for such tests include:

  • Transportation
  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Information Technology.

Not only this, employers often ask employees for a urinalysis if they behave in a suggestive manner that they have taken illegal drugs.

These behaviors include:

  • Confusion
  • Slurred Speech
  • Nausea
  • Paranoia
  • Anxiety
  • Panic
  • Irritability or Anger

If an accident happens and you are asked for a drug test, a positive result can bring serious outcomes and vice versa. The test will help in determining how drugs affect brain and body functions to disturb someone’s behavior.

Medical Treatment

Your medical professional may ask you for a urine test. Mostly it states the level of your addiction and helps recover from your addiction. It is not a legal obligation to give urine for testing. You can refuse your doctor’s request if you’re able to think properly and make proper judgments.

Sports Teams

Several professional sports and school-affiliated team heads testify their players against drug abuse. These tests often target steroids and substances that are used illegally to improve an athlete’s performance.

They also detect mild alerting substances like cocaine and Marijuana. The test enables coaches, team heads, and management to identify players involved in drug abuse.

Legal Reasons

An accused can also be asked by a judge to provide a urinalysis report in a legal case. Courts often order drug tests when there are probation or drug-related charges. Child abuse cases and car accidents also require urinary drug tests but it depends on the case and jurisdictions.

How to provide a urine drug test?

A urine drug test can be taken in your home, workplace, medical care center, or any clinic that collects urine samples. Plus, a qualified collector like a police officer can help you take a test in a public restroom if it is urgent.

It requires a plastic sterilized cup to provide a urine sample for the test. It is then analyzed in a lab. Results can be obtained after a few days.

But if your employer, sports team head, or a police officer asks for a sample for a drug test and you are not feeling that you would be able to provide the sample, then what would you do?

There are reasons why it is hard to make yourself pee for a drug test. Plus, there are remedies for it as well. But first, let us discuss how to make yourself pee for a drug test.

How to make yourself pee for a drug test?

According to medical science, you should not force yourself or your bladder to pee unless there are reasons. If it is necessary, then these tips and tricks can help.

Run water

Turn the faucet of your sink on and sit on your toilet. Try to relax as much as you can while closing your eyes and focusing on the sound of water.

Rinse the area

Rinse the area with lots of water and feel that you are up to making it. You can also use a squirt bottle to rinse the area thoroughly. Warm water also helps in making yourself pee for a drug test.

Hold your hands in water

Get a shallow bowl or fill your sink with warm or cold water and dip your hands into it. Hold your hands together and initiate the urge to pee.

Go for a walk

Your bladder often stimulates while it remains active for some time. Try walking around in an area where you find a slightly low temperature can also help in making you feel like you need to pee.

Sniff peppermint oil

The aroma of Peppermint oil may also instigate the urge to pee. Place some peppermint oil drops on a cotton ball, and bring it to the toilet with you. Sit on the toilet and start sniffing the cotton ball. You can also try putting a peppermint cotton ball into the toilet. The intense aroma will spread in the whole toilet and you don’t need to keep it close to your nose.

Try bending forward

To stimulate your bladder, bending forward would also help. When you think you are ready to pee, sit on the toilet and relax while bending forward keeping your legs open.

Try Valsalva Maneuver

While sitting on the toilet and waiting to pee, try moving your bowel. Gently press your lower abdomen with your forearm to make your bladder feel pressure. You should be careful while doing this, as pressing hard would send back the urine to your kidneys which may cause infections.

Try Subrapubic tap

If none of the above-mentioned tips worked for you, then you can try doing this one. Leave all the stress and relax while sitting on the toilet. Use your fingertips to rapidly touch the area between your pubic bone and navel (for women) or penis (for men). You can try going from 10 to 30 seconds doing the same.

Use techniques for relaxation

If you have been trying Yoga, you may know the techniques of relaxation. So sit on the toilet and relax as much as possible. Deep breathily and relax your body muscles, starting from head to toe. Keep focusing on the purpose for which you are spending your time here.

Rub your thigh

While relaxing, touch your thigh or stroke softly on your inner thigh. This may stimulate urination and make you pee for a drug test.

Other serious conditions are also attached with the urination issues with both males and females. Later in the article, you will find out why there’s always an urge to pee but the quantity that comes out doesn’t satiate the feeling.

Why do frequent urges to urinate happen?

Several medical conditions are attached to the frequent urge to pee while a little amount comes out. Some of the reasons and medical conditions include:

  • Pregnancy
  • Damaged nerves
  • Enlarged prostate
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Drinking alcohol and coffee (this can include all caffeinated drinks)
  • Consumption of diabetic, diuretic, and related medications
  • Urinary Stress Incontinence – Activities like sneezing suddenly and coughing can exert pressure on your bladder that cause a little amount of urine to come out.

It all depends on the health condition of your body which determines the way you pee or whether your urinary function works fine. On the other hand, if you think that you feel like you have to pee all the time, then there are reasons behind it as well.

Reasons behind the frequent feeling of urination

Your body is designed to expel toxic chemicals after every two hours. So if you pee at least eight times during the day, then it’s completely normal. If the need of using the restroom increases than this number, then this may be because you’re having a lot of fluids.

This can also be possible if you are taking foods that are rich in watery substances like watermelon. You may be drinking too much caffeine, having a pregnancy, or maybe this is because of your medical conditions that are creating this problem.

On the other hand, people with small bladders also feel like peeing more often. It can be one of your habits. For instance, if you’re going out and expecting a long journey, when you are at the cinema and don’t want to get up from the middle of the movie and when you are going to sleep. Before these scenarios, you can naturally urge to pee during and before these activities.

If one of the reasons to feel like peeing is drinking a lot of water or consuming watery foods, then after how long would it happen?

How long does a glass of water take to make you pee?

The duration and the quantity of liquids required to make you pee after consuming vary from person to person. Someone can feel like peeing in just after 5 minutes of drinking and others may take an hour or more.

It goes hand in hand, the more you drink water or consume watery foods, and the quicker urge to pee will be. Our bodies, however, are meant to pee every 2 hours naturally. That’s how they should be.

Your pee color and odor are also affected by these foods and drinks that you usually take. This is why when you pee for a drug test, it also has a negative drug effect on your pee.

How Asparagus makes your pee stink

People often complain about their stinking pee after eating asparagus. This happens because asparagus contains asparagusic acid. Our body turns this acid into sulfur-containing acids that normally stinks.

However, not everyone who eats asparagus has the same stinky pee. This is because we all have different bodies. But not every time you have a toilet around you. If you feel like peeing, and there’s no toilet, what would you do?

What helps you hold your pee when there’s no toilet around?

Holding your pee can be unpleasant at times when you don’t find privacy, opportunity, time, or acceptable facilities. However, with these useful techniques, you can try holding your pee for a longer time.

These techniques are suggestions based on the research and are not medically or scientifically proven. All or some of them can work for you at different times. 

Visualize closing your urethra

The urethra is a part of your lower area which has the opening of your tissues from where you pass urine. Imagine that your muscles are squeezing around the urethra while relaxing all other muscles.

They are the same muscle that you would squeeze when you want to stop the streaming urine when you are short of time. Keep your stomach and pelvis relaxed so they do not exert extra pressure on your bladder and it gets difficult to hold your urine for longer.

Reposition your body

When all you need to hold the stream of urine you may need to change your position continuously. By doing this, you can release much pressure on your bladder, which makes it easier to hold back urine. Whatever position you take, make sure not to press your lower abdomen.

Stay Warm

Grab a blanket or turn on a heater if the weather is cold. Or try cuddling with your partner. This phenomenon is known as cold diuresis where acute exposure to cold can be the reason for urination.

Know about the buildup of gas

Your intestinal gas can exert pressure on your bladder as well. Alleviate the pressure by releasing gas. This will allow you to hold your urine for longer.

But there may be other reasons where you need to hold your pee other than not having a toilet around. May you have to provide a drug test today at your workplace and you think if you pee now, it would be difficult for you to pee again when the time comes. And things can go the other way if you deny providing the sample for a drug test. But even if you provide the drug test while you did not consume a drug recently and it shows positive results, then what options would you prefer?

How can a lawyer help if your employer falsely accuses you of a positive drug test?

Hiring an employment lawyer will help you find whether your employer acted legally while testing your urine sample. As he is familiar with the state drug testing laws.

In addition to that, there’s a whole question arising whether the employer illegally attempted to alter the results. And if he did, then what would be your constitutional rights to handle the case. An employment lawyer will help you take out legal remedies that you can opt for.

Similarly, if the changes occur in your drug testing reports in a clinic, then a medical malpractice attorney would help you find possible ways out.

As a result, you would be able to challenge the entire process of drug testing or some of them depending on your case.

The conclusion

Ever wondered how your body knows that it’s time to urinate? It’s because of the nerve system that alerts your brain that your bladder is full. When this happens you feel pressure on your abdominal muscles.

But sometimes when you don’t feel like peeing and you have to pee for a drug test, you have to force yourself to pee. These situations include a medical checkup, and employment process, or a judge’s discretion.

Mentioned are some ways to successfully try if you want to pee for any of the reasons. Plus, if you are ever caught in a drug test even if you haven’t consumed the drug in the past few days, then consulting a lawyer will help.

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