Hobby Lobby the retail chain giant of America: Does Hobby Lobby drug test job seekers?

Hobby Lobby, one of the biggest retail chain companies in America is considered to be one of the most prestigious companies to work with. To get a job you need to be prepared. There are speculations that Hobby Lobby Company conducts drug tests.

Does Hobby Lobby drug test? With the surging unemployment rate amidst the coronavirus pandemic and the uncertainty tainting the employment industry; it becomes more difficult to find and sustain a sound job.

As it becomes overly difficult to find a job because the harrowing shadows of coronavirus continue to engulf the world, the majority of the world turns towards employment in retail chains.

What is Hobby Lobby?

Hobby Lobby in simpler words people looking for jobs in retail chains and giants. Employment in retail chains is considered reliable. If you are someone who is an expert in crafts and arts then the perfect job for you will be Hobby Lobby.

Hobby Lobby has become one of the largest and most spread retail chains across the United States of America.

The company has started to spread its wings on other soils apart from the United States of America. It has started opening its offices abroad but the perspective is entirely different.

With a variety of opportunities and a trustworthy reputation, it is not a surprise that careers in Hobby Lobby are in high demand.

Hobby Lobby is everything that an unemployed person wants in a secure job except for its Christian belief. The company is still considered as one of the few chains that believe in orthodox principles and are stark believers of Christianity beliefs.

For instance, marijuana is now legalized in a lot of states of the United States of America but still Hobby Lobby continues to conduct random drug tests upon its suspicious employees for a list of illicit substances.

This is the mere reason you should know beforehand what you are getting into before applying for a job in a Hobby Lobby or similar companies. It will make you better equipped and what to expect during the hiring process and potentially make you a successful candidate for the job that you have applied for.

Hobby Lobby as a company

Hobby Lobby is considered to be one of the biggest arts and crafts supplying companies in America. The headquarter of Hobby Lobby is situated in Oklahoma City. The company was founded almost fifty years ago and it is one of the very few companies in America that have been successful since its inauguration.

More than 1000 stores are located across the United States of America. According to the data of the company made public, it has approximately 40,000 employees with a 65,000 customers turnover countrywide.

The owners of the company were a married couple David and Barbara and they started this company in their home garage.

It all started one fine day when Barbara and David decided to sell homemade picture frames out in their back garage. There was just no turning back from there!

The couple had absolutely no idea that this small sale idea would transition them into a major retailer of the United States of America. The founders thought of the idea and took the task on their hands to develop it into something really big which resulted in one of the biggest retailers in the country.

The Hobby Lobby offers a wide range of opportunities to different job seekers who qualify. The Hobby Lobby has become the go-to place if you are looking for a full-time career or part-time seasonal quick employment. The company is full of opportunities for everyone who qualifies.

However, one of the lethal parts of the hiring process is passing the pre-requisite hiring test. Once you have passed the test, you will be called upon for all the positions for which you qualify.

Jobs are ranging from the warehouse stocker to even a cashier or a security guard. You can even become a store associate once you have cleared the initial hiring test.

Hobby Lobby offers different management positions as well such as jobs in the fields of auditing and accounting.

Does Hobby Lobby drug test?

The Hobby Lobby simply refuses to hire anyone who falls short of passing the assessment test of the hiring process. it doesn’t hire anyone who is not talented.

Hobby Lobby has become a well-known name when it comes to employment providers. It draws attention from all the job seekers across the country and people consider it a prestige to work with such a big name of the country.

Along with that, another major thing that attracts both the employees and the customers is the reputation of the company. The company is known for its over-protective attitude toward its prestigious customers as well as its employees.

The CEO and the owner of Hobby Lobby, David Green stated that he goes above and beyond to serve the company’s 65000 customers and works hard to keep their content.

This is one of the reasons why the recruitment process of Hobby Lobby is not very simple and the company refuses to hire anyone who is not talented.

The company has zero tolerance for complaints from the customers as well as suspicious behavior of the employees. The company heads do not appreciate the complaints and try to rectify them on an immediate basis.

Hobby Lobby’s pre-employment drug test is the one that easily detects the usage of cocaine, marijuana, opioids, barbiturates, amphetamines, alcohol, and benzodiazepines.

If the job seeker’s test comes out positive of any of the drugs, it is a guarantee that he will not be given the job. If any of the full-time employees tested positive that an inquiry committee sits and evaluates the pros and cons of keeping the employee or letting him go.

On the other hand, if you maintain a drug-free career while working at Hobby Lobby, then it is a guarantee that you will have a ‘long-term rewarding career.’

The hiring process of Hobby Lobby

The job seeker needs to understand the hiring process of the Hobby Lobby as the location and the job position do not matter at all. The thing that matters is that the job seeker or the applicant must be completely prepared for the hiring procedure and the undertaking that follows.

One of the most difficult parts is to acquire employment at the Hobby Lobby. The process is rather easy but it takes a toll upon the applicants because of the stress and pressure.

It is rather easy to start the job process at the Hobby Lobby.

Go to the official website of the company and straight-click on the careers page. From here you search the positions which will be available in your area along with the qualification requirement that aligns with your criteria.

This searching and going for careers is known to be a pre-employment process.

Fill out an online application form so that you can initially apply for a face-to-face interview. If you are called for an interview, it is most likely that you will be required to fill and submit a paper application as well for the record.

When you are called on-site for an interview, be prepared for a test that will revolve around simple math. You need to complete this test before proceeding further for an interview.

The interview is usually conducted by a panel of professionals who assess your ability to perform and whether you will be a prized asset for the company or not.

If everything works out in your favor, then in no time you will be employed and working at the Hobby Lobby. The majority of the selected people are hired within a week of the face-to-face interview.

The hiring time may vary according to the position for which you have applied. The process may be different if anyone has applied for a security or a managerial post in the company.

An employment drug test conducted at Hobby Lobby

There is no evidence that pre-employment drug testing is conducted in the Hobby Lobby. There is a lot of conflicting information available online but no certain evidence.

The available information states that there are certain rules where the company performs drug testing on all the applicants who qualify for the job. It is still advisable that the job-seekers should be prepared for these drug tests if they are conducted.

Keep in mind that even if you are a recreational drug user, you need to get the drug test negative to qualify for a job at a Hobby Lobby otherwise the chances of getting the job becomes very low.

The standard pre-employment drug test conducted at the Hobby Lobby means “cocaine, oxycodone, amphetamines, fentanyl, morphine, barbiturates, phenobarbital, heroin, marijuana, Xanax, valium and PCP.”

How to pass a Hobby Lobby drug test?

It is still uncertain whether you will be drug tested at the Hobby Lobby or not but there is a good chance that you will.

It is the company’s policy to ensure that they employ the best possible employees from the job seekers who apply for certain positions.

If you failed the drug test, you will be disqualified for the position and will not be considered in the future for the said position.

If you are even a recreational drug user, there is a fair possibility that you will be caught for drug usage. It is unnecessary to devise plans to ensure that you will pass the drug test because, on suspicion, the Hobby Lobby can conduct a saliva drug test or a urine drug test.

You should be prepared for both in case you pass the test. The only way to pass the drug test is to refrain completely from drug abuse of any sort.

Keep in mind that there are various kinds of drugs that remain in the urine and saliva for months and are easily detectable. Therefore, the applicant should stop using any sort of illicit substance or drug months before applying for the job at Hobby Lobby.

This will ensure that you gain plenty of time order to ensure that the drugs leave your system completely. This waiting for drugs will make sure that your system will be free of drugs like amphetamines, marijuana, and many other medically abused drugs.

To guarantee that you pass the test without any kind of hiccups, it is best to stop using the drugs for months before applying for a job at the Hobby Lobby.

Random drug testing at Hobby Lobby

There is no prior information that random drug testing takes place at the Hobby Lobby but it might still take place at any moment of your career.

If some kind of workplace incident takes place or any of your colleague’s talks to your manager about your suspected usage of drugs, it is most likely that you will be made to undergo a drug test.

If you have used any kind of illicit drugs in the recent past, then you might not be able to get a clear chit and will fail this might result in getting fired. So to be on the safe side, if you got promoted, celebrate in a drug-free way.

It is known from reliable resources that Hobby Lobby does conduct drug tests while promoting its management employees. They can test anyone who is being hired for a management position.

Prescribed medications and Hobby Lobby

There are a lot of medications that are prescribed as narcotics and are termed as drugs. For instance, opioid addiction continues to soar over the top. An opioid is considered to be a drug but it does come under addiction.

To gain employment at Hobby Lobby you will have to take the drug test but in case you are on a prescribed medication then it is advisable to keep the medical record handy to show at that very moment.


There are more than 1000 stores of Hobby Lobby across the United States of America so the job opportunities keep on arising regularly. It is very prestigious to be part of such a huge retail chain in the country but it takes hard work to get into the firm. Once you are attached to the Hobby Lobby, try to retain your job and move further in the career. Stay drug-free because of Christian beliefs and orthodox thinking, drug tests are conducted for the job seekers as well as the employees of the company.

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