Top Liberal and Conservative Law Schools in America

The political ideologies of people vary not only in the U.S. but around the world. The world has never been more politically divided than now. However, whether the U.S. citizens support or oppose the policies created by the President, the youth has been aspiring to become lawyers to save America.

Since Princeton’s latest ranking for the most conservative law school students is out. Let’s identify which ones are more important, the law school with the most conservative students or with the most liberal students. In the tough times of political division, what would be better than attending a law school where your classmates value your political ideologies and value it the same way they do theirs.

Any leads which law schools could be included in this list?

First, let’s begin with the methodology Princeton used to review the law schools with the most conservative and the most liberal students. A group of respondents was asked a single question to which they had to respond honestly. The idea behind asking the question is to determine the political inclination of each law school’s student. So, the question was like “if there is a political bent going on in their schools, how would they indicate it?” The answer choices given to them included “very liberal”, “liberal”, or “middle of the road”, “somewhat conservative”, and “very conservative”.

List of Conservative Law Schools

According to Princeton’s review, the following is the list of conservative law schools with the most conservative students. These are the schools where you can proudly wear the MAGA hats – distributed by the President.

  1. Ave Maria Law of Law – Florida
  2. Brigham Young University J. Reuben Clark Law School – Provo, Utah
  3. George Mason University Antonin Scalia Law School – Arlington, Virginia
  4. Faulkner University’s Thomas Goode Jones Law School – Montgomery, Alabama
  5. Texas Tech University School of Law – Lubbock, Texas
  6. University of Alabama School of Law – Tuscaloosa, Alabama
  7. Louisiana State University M. Hebert Law Center – Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  8. Mississippi College School of Law – Jackson, Mississippi
  9. The University of Idaho College of Law – Moscow, Idaho
  10. University of Mississippi Law Center – Mississippi

Most of the law schools above-mentioned are situated in the southern side of the country.

List of Liberal Law Schools

Now let’s talk about the schools where you can speak of justice, equality, secularism, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and individual rights. Princeton review further added that these are the law schools where the faculty and students honor the legacy of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, have a virtual party to celebrate Joe Biden’s inauguration, and solemnize Kamala Harris as the first woman to serve as V.P of the United States. Following are the law schools popular as the most liberal ones.

  1. Northeastern University School of Law – Boston, Massachusetts
  2. American University Washington College of Law – Washington D.C.
  3. University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  4. University of Oregon School of Law – Eugene, Oregon
  5. University of Maryland School of Law – Baltimore Maryland
  6. Brooklyn Law School – Newyork city, Newyork
  7. City University Network School of Law – Newyork City, Network
  8. University of Colorado Law School – Boulder, Colorado
  9. Newyork University School of Law – Newyork city, Newyork
  10. University of California Berkeley School of Law – Berkeley California

Most of these liberal law schools are situated on either the east or west coast of the country. Among them, three universities come under T14 institutions – Top 14 Law schools.

Most Liberal Attorneys

According to a recent study, most attorneys that work at Big Law Firms are skewed towards the liberal side in their political inclination.

Law schools including Charlotte School of law, the Howard University of Law, and Northern Illinois University, are considered the most liberal ones; in fact, many other top universities/law schools lean heavily towards the left, I.e., liberalism.

For instance, UC Berkeley Law School is ranked 4, Newyork University ranked 12, Yale Law School ranked 18, Columbia Law School ranked 20, Stanford ranked 21, and the Pennsylvania University of law ranked 22.

The study further adds that not only the T14 law schools are inclined toward the liberal side, but several other law schools are incredibly skewed to the left. Thereby, the most liberal law school list includes the top-ranked law universities. This also implies that elite law universities/schools are more liberal than average law schools.

Political Ideologies of American Lawyers

In a study called “Political ideologies of American Lawyers” conducted by professors from Stanford University, Harvard University, and the University of Chicago, assistant professor Adam Chilton commented that, while conducting the study, they were pretty sure that the evidence would support their prediction that most of the lawyers are liberal. When the results came out, it showed that schools and firms were more ideologically conservative than others; however, still, the majority of the institutions are liberal.

Another research by confirmed, only 31 law schools out of 200 have a conservative ideology. 2 of the law schools out of the countries’ top 14 have a large chunk of conservative students and alumni. The University of Virginia School of law and Duke Law University of law show conservative scores of 37% and 35%.

Out of the top conservative law schools, 10 percent are religiously affiliated ones. They form a self-identified association with the religion, for instance, a church to which that individual or school belongs. A small part of these schools shifts their religious dedications towards certain beliefs through the years. They are mostly private schools and emphasize their students to spend a part of their day offering religious services. Thereby, the majority of such conservative schools are situated in conservative geographical regions.

A conservative law school teaches the conservative view of the constitution and provides exposure to the general philosophy of the law. If you wish to go to a conservative law school, check out the schools that fit this definition of conservative law school. Also, it is crucial to know who teaches there and what their background is. The same is the case for any other studies, you should go to those schools whose professors inspire you, and you have studied their prior published works.

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