8 essential law school supplies that you must not forget

Every year, hundreds of people enroll in a law school with an aim to get a law degree. They are pumped up to explore the new opportunities in the legal profession.

Having the right law school supplies help you stay organized during the whole law school tenure.

If you’re all set to join the law school but aren’t aware of what things would be necessary, here’s the list of the law school supplies which will help keep yourself organized.

It’s time to check out the list of essential ‘Law School Supplies.’

Sticky notes

Sticky notes are extremely useful when it comes to taking lecture notes. You can use sticky notes to mark off important cases and discussions as well. You can use these sticky notes to distinguish between different sections of notes, thereby helping yourself to manage your notes organized in an efficient manner. You can also save your study time, by accessing the relevant notes or case information without wasting your precious time.

Colored pens and highlighters

Colored pens and highlighters come in handy when it comes to jotting down important points and making lecture notes. These tools help you keep your notes organized. You can highlight important information to remember, or refer it back whenever you need to, during your regular class. It is better to use different colored highlighters to mark important case briefings. For instance: you can use a yellow highlighter for facts. By using a highlighter, you will be able to find relevant information about your case briefings and notes in an efficient manner.

A laptop

In this modern era, laptops are important and even mandatory at law schools. Being in today’s fast-paced world, investing in a laptop would be financing your future. Laptops can be used to take down notes in the class, and to store and record important information. Do ensure to keep your laptop up to the mark. You don’t have to spend too much, but a lightweight, cost-effective, and a portable laptop is what you need to carry with you.


Once you enter the law school, you will find that law school students love to talk out loud. To counter the noise, you need to have a good set of earplugs with you. These earplugs will surely help you concentrate on your studies, thereby helping you increase your learning capacity and productivity in the long run. With earplugs, you can detach yourself from the noisy environment and carry out your work with more focus.

Notebooks/Legal Pads

Some people still love to use their old-fashioned notebooks to take notes. These notebooks come in handy when it comes to writing your lecture notes down. Once you write down the notes, it becomes easier to learn the important points. One of the best advantages of writing down notes by hand is that this exercise helps you remember your notes for a longer period of time.

In fact, a 2004 study concluded that those students who took longhand notes fared better in exams than those who used laptops and PCs to take notes. This study also highlighted the importance of taking hand-notes.

Day planner

In a law school, it is important to keep track of assignments, lectures, examinations, and class schedules. Whether you do it manually or on a computer, it’s going to help you a lot. For instance: you can keep all the important information on a computer, meanwhile, you can have the details about all the important assignments, exams, and dates on your cardboard planner.  Once you can track and organize your schedule, life won’t seem hectic or a burden during your stay at law school.

USB drive/cloud storage

Your data is precious. You don’t want to lose it. It won’t be surprising if your laptop crashes while you’re in the middle of your examination, and there is no worse feeling than losing all the important notes and lectures, just because your laptop got damaged or stolen.

Instead of losing the track of data, it is important to secure it in a USB drive. You should back up your important law school data frequently. Sometimes, there is important stuff which you want to share with your peers, so a USB won’t be a good option for it. You can use Google Docs to share your notes with your friends.

Water bottle

During a stressful class at the law school, you shouldn’t forget to keep yourself hydrated. Being a student, you must drink plenty of water to quench your thirst. Remember, dehydration can cause headache that may have a negative effect on your health.


This brings us to the end of this article. In this article, we have enlisted eight essential law school supplies that you must have access to during your time at law school.

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