What are the best Law firm marketing strategies of 2021 to grow your business? Find your answers here!

Are you looking for strategies to grow your law firm in 2021? If yes, then you are at the correct place as we have found new ways of growing your business that meets the needs of the legal industry. Indeed, the legal industry presents cutthroat competition, thus, a strong marketing strategy is required to make your business stand out from the crowd.

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  • An excerpt: What happens in law firms?
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An excerpt: What happens in law firms?

In the present era, the way of marketing for law firms has changed drastically!  Law firms mainly rely on referrals from past performance to sustain in the market but miss out on different opportunities. With smart digital marketing, you can reach new clients including those who search for your direct competitors. On the other hand, the retention of clients is another important point to consider when growing your law business. Without clients, there probably is no business.

Lawyers are not marketing gurus, they are legal experts. Spending years in acquiring a law degree, retaining legal trends, and coping up with caseload demands – learning an effective marketing strategy and spending hours curating them for a law firm shouldn’t be an option.

Law firm marketing significance in the digital age

Law firm marketing is a vital component in taking your law firm to the next level, and somehow you know it. It can effectively work in bringing fresh leads which gives you opportunities to demonstrate your expertise.

It’s worthless to have your dollars spent on billboards, while everyone is busy on their phones, even in their cars. To attract relevant leads and increase your success rate, spend your finances on generating law firm marketing ideas and find the right law firm online marketing agencies to take your stress while you can focus on case studies and demands. You should always opt for digital marketing as the main communication tool.

In the post today, we will reveal law firm marketing tactics that you need to apply for your law firm for growing your business.

Law firm marketing strategies and tactics

While initiating your high-quality leads-driven law firm marketing strategy, the essential step to start with is an exercise to identify your targeted audience. A targeted audience is a group of people who search for content online that resembles their needs and choices. You need to figure out what compels them to visit your website or work with you.

The three most prominent target segments for new clients that the modern law firm can attract can be frantically searching, powerful decision-makers, and actively searching.

However, it involves a plan which determines the best suitable platform for your law firm’s marketing model that brings an effective competitive advantage to your firm. An effective marketing plan can also work to drive traffic from many other online sources to your website. This means for boosting traffic and creating leads you need to outline enduring objectives through law firm marketing tactics and strategies. To simply put, tactics provide a specific and targeted approach while strategies give a general approach to marketing determinations.

To define your marketing tactics, strategies, or plan you need to develop concise targets which can deliver quantifiable outcomes. To figure out how all these tactics and strategies work, please continue reading!

SEO Strategies for law firm marketing

Doing SEO of a law firm website is important to target the audience of a particular geographic area. SEO works effectively when it is paired with proper legal practice.  Local SEO will help you attain and remain on the top spot of a search result against a query.

Rank on the Google Local 3 pack
Local pack or the 3 pack is the first search result that you see whenever you enter a query on the search bar. These results are shown by Google (the famous search engine) when it identifies what a user intends to search.

If you want to take your business to the next level you need to first monitor where your firm’s website stands in the world’s most famous search engine.

To make your website prominent, you may need to hire a digital marketing agency that will improve your ranking by attracting organic traffic.

Hire a digital marketing agency
If your law firm website is in the hands of a marketing agency or an SEO person, which is not capable of ranking your website on Google’s competitive market, then probably you are wasting your finances. Moreover, your website will take more time than you think to rank on search engines and make your presence count among other law firms. To know if the agency is capable and good enough for your firm, check the results by yourself.  Many digital marketing agencies use software and tools that can track the performance of particular websites over the years.

These data show how organic and local SEO work for your website. SEO strategies do take time to respond in a way that you may be expecting as the market is so saturated on certain keywords that you may also want to target. Therefore, you need to be patient while doing or hiring someone for doing the SEO of your website.

Add quality content
In the current tech era, adding quality content with consistency to your website is essentially important. Firstly, it elevates Google’s trust, which means improved search ranking. Next, a large part of the content can also help you in gaining traffic and links to your website which means a much-improved ranking. Thirdly, the more content your website has, the number of potential keywords you will be targeting which usually generate leads will be significantly high and they will increase the chance of your website to rank.

Although, it is also important to note here, that not every kind of content is good when Google crawlers crawl over your website’s results.

To generate more leads and clients for your law firm, adding quality content frequently to your website is the smartest investment that you can make. The best tactic of a law firm website is to add multiple content and pages consistently every month.

Optimize and upgrade your website design

Your website is the reflection of your law firm, and the reflection can either be perceived as good or bad by the clients or people who visit your website. A modern website that is also accurately optimized and engaging sends a message to the viewer itself that it’s updated with the finest technology.

An outdated website with no updates of the recent cases and achievements will create a bad outlook and will send a message that it’s not even near to its competitors. Law firm’s websites play a crucial role in creating an image of a law firm, it is said that every website has to update after every 2 years to keep it technologically competitive.

It’s usually common that consumers compare more than one law firm before they make their decision to choose a law firm or consult a lawyer. For this, it’s necessary to keep your law firm website updated.

Social media strategies

Social media presence is one of the top ways to get extra leads and business. One of the big reasons behind law firms that are successful and widely known is having a strong presence over every social media platform. But you also need a strategy and a marketing plan for creating your social media existence.

It includes providing your audience with relevant content such as success stories, case studies, achievements, and how your firm helps to find people the right solution by an experienced lawyer. By adding relevant content. You can make your law firm a priority in your follower’s minds whenever they need legal help. Statistics say that more than 66 % of lawyers make millions of dollars through settlements after being just visible on multiple platforms at the right time.

Your social media content can bring more exposure and business to your law firm. Use hashtag strategy to approach relevant and potential clients of the geographical area you want to target. For instance, if you live in California and want to share a case that you’ve worked for and it got success, you can add it in your #successstories or #Californiacase or some trending hashtags that might be people are searching for. 

Consider Twitter for your law firm marketing
Twitter is a platform where you need to deliver a message or make an announcement of 140 characters or even less. Before you make a start on Twitter, decide to build a business account to which your attorneys can relate, manage and create relevant content for the audience.

To engage your audience you can share day-to-day activities. They may not be your legal practice and case stories, but the legal political matters and laws that you often see are violated can be shared with a reason and consequences. Plus, find out influencers on Twitter who might want to share content that you often write about, with this, you will gradually achieve visibility over the platform and then you can attract them towards your website easily.

Utilize Facebook ads
Roughly Facebook has crossed 2.85 bn. active users and have become the most popular social media platform. You or your colleagues must be having friends and family at the platform that will help you refer and by sharing your business page. On setting up your law firm business page, you need to use Facebook ads to maximize your reach to potential consumers.

The feature of boost posts can seriously help you in opening up to a relevant audience. You can also take advantage of geofencing that enables an ad to display around a law school for instance. 

LinkedIn has become a widely used business platform. It has evolved in the business fraternity massively for the past few years. If you are a business attorney or your firm looks after legal business matters, then using LinkedIn for reaching potential business communities turns out to be the best marketing option.

You can connect with the existing clients and make your network bigger. LinkedIn also supports some paid ads that help you connect with clients that offer business. You can land directly on our client’s inbox and avail of paid tools using LinkedIn Premium.

Email marketing campaigns
Email marketing is an important key to unlock great audience coverage to exhibit your expertise and build a strong reputation. You can even get a million-dollar case, just by sending monthly newsletters and by spending a low subscriber amount.

The proper way of performing a great marketing campaign is to keep your email list updated with updates and relevant causes and cases. You can share tips and tricks to keep them legally safe when they get stuck in business matters or when signing in a power of attorney. By emailing your list with relevant content, don’t forget to add a CTA which drives traffic towards your website. Keep updating your email and website plugins to control your marketing campaigns.

Share and discuss content on reddit
If you want your voice to be heard and content to be read, then Reddit is the platform that you should remain active on. This is because 52 million users on the platform share their thoughts about the most passionate topics. It’s a great way to enhance your business and make potential clients by sharing relevant content and resolving queries by taking part in discussions.

Check these subreddits search on Reddit to have a clue:

  • LegalAdvice
  • California law

Give Solutions through legal answers online

When people intend to hire an attorney, they usually come up with a situation where they don’t have the expertise. This is the time when they look for answers to their questions online. When your website will be at the front to provide the best free legal assistance to people and place answers to common questions, there will be an increased chance of your website and your law firm to get noticed online and get referrals as well. These platforms are legal websites like Avvo where people openly ask questions.

By taking part in these discussions actively and showcasing your expertise, you can make more potential clients and gain business. The more time you spend on these question-based websites, the more you will have the doors of opportunities opened for you.

Answer legal queries on Quora
Maybe you haven’t heard about Quora, because every time a query has been typed over the search bar, one of the relevant answers is shown on this website.

Quora is constantly evolving worldwide having over 300 million active users monthly. It is an international community where people ask questions and get the best legal answer. The most valid and best answers are some of those with many details and with a higher number of upvotes.

Answer legal queries on Avvo
On this platform, you can get a few opportunities either by providing solutions through engagements in different legal discussions or by creating downloadable legal guides. You should write and share content about legal terms or cases that your website has already shared content on. Or answer the question about the topics that your website already has articles and blogs on. This is why question-based websites are a great way to find potential customers.

You can answer here:

Ask a lawyer 

To legal queries that people are searching, through your Avvo profile. Avvo question-based website is ranked for several FAQ queries on the first page of Google Search results, to have your active involvement at the website can eventually land you on the potential consumers.

Law firm marketing in Forums

In this current world of Instagram influencers and vlogging, forums are still alive and thriving over the internet. People turn to them to clear confusion and find answers to queries. This is the place where your creativity will pay off.  Observe these legal forums to monitor how you can generate leads.

You don’t need to actively answer all the questions 24/7. Dedicate a time frame such as one hour every day or week to look them up all at once.


No matter what strategies you perform and how much you invest in providing the best SEO for your website, running an email marketing campaign, maintaining a social media presence, and helping people in knowing answers to their questions, be sure to deliver quality and adding unique ideas to your campaigns.

The major takeaway from all the discussion is to remember that not every campaign works overnight, you need to remain consistent in your lawyer marketing ideas and strategies to get long-term and effective results. Doing this will eventually help your firm to get more business and establish a firm place in the community.

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