Personal Injury

personal injury

You are standing at a red signal on your way to work on a Monday morning. As the signal turns green, you start driving your car. Suddenly, you feel something approaching your car with great speed. In just a blink of an eye, you find yourself lying on the hospital bed. Turns out a truck driver smashed into your car in an unconscious condition which has caused you to receive fatal injuries to the whole body. You think to yourself that if none of this was your fault, why do you have to pay for your recovery? Shouldn’t there be a law against such careless people in society? Well, it turns out there is. You can file a personal injury lawsuit against with lawyer personal injury these people by which they would have to pay for all the loss that would even include the therapy charges.

Personal Injury Lawsuit Explained

In most cases, it is clear as to who is at fault as the situation is judged in a way that whether the incident could have been avoided if the defendant had not been so careless. For example, in our case, the truck driver was at fault who kept on driving regardless of knowing how risky it was to drive in a drowsy state. Even if there weren’t any ill intentions, he still caused harm to another individual, so he has to pay for that. In most clear cases like these, the personal injury lawsuit is filed and a settlement is reached because both parties want to avoid the trouble of going to the court.

In these situations, a personal injury lawsuit settlement is reached between the two parties with the help of a personal injury lawyer and the insurance company. The personal injury lawsuit process can take from a couple of weeks to even years depending on the specific case. As the personal injury timeline is complicated and long in cases where the situation is unclear or the injury is serious, you have to be mentally prepared. Such cases have a high personal injury lawsuit settlement amount that can even go up to millions of dollars. But mostly, the amounts on average can range from 3000 to 75000 thousand dollars. It is better to leave this to the professionals as they are equipped with better knowledge of the law and can give the best guidance.

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If you have incurred any of the following expenses caused by an accident, and you have been searching personal injury lawyer near me, then you may be entitled to compensation for them. Finding a personal injury attorney near me would help in the personal injury lawsuit process.

Medical costs - Lawsuit settlements for personal injury include all of your medical costs include hospital bills, surgeries, doctor visits, nursing care, and prescription drug costs.

Rehabilitation costs: Personal injury lawsuit settlement include ongoing rehabilitation costs such as care provided by professional

Out-of-pocket expenses: If you spend on childcare, cleaning aids, drivers, or other support.

Loss of Income: Loss of income due to being out of work, projected time spent away from work.

Pain and suffering: loss experiences such as attending school, going to social events, and take a vacation you may be entitled to a tradeoff.

Property Damage - If there was property damage as a result of the accident

Find a personal injury law firm because personal injury lawsuit timeline is a long and complicated process so you should be well prepared for personal injury lawsuit settlement amounts. If you believe you have enough evidence to successfully file a lawsuit then it would be best to talk to your injury attorney about your case and proceed only after receiving a positive response.