Hernia Mesh

Lawsuits against hernia mesh devices (a product used to treat hernia and manufactured by Bard Davol, Ethicon, and Atrium) claim that the device is the reason for getting continuous surgeries. The device caused serious injuries and complications to the patients after its implantation and they have filed lawsuits against the manufacturers. The number of lawsuits against hernia mesh is increasing day by day. There were 14,900 lawsuits filed till October this year in multidistrict courts that are still waiting to go for the trial.

The Best Lawyer For A Hernia Mesh Lawsuit

Hernia mesh surgeries and devices have been used for many years in the United States. The injuries due to these devices have caused patients to file lawsuits. If you have been suffering from the hernia mesh device injuries or the damages are done because of the hernia plug or patch, then you may be eligible to get financial compensation against your sufferings. But for this, you have to take the help of an experienced and skilled hernia mesh lawyer, who can evaluate your possible claim while protecting your legal rights.

How Much A Plaintiff Would Get After The Settlement

Hernia mesh lawsuit settlements have not been publicly announced yet. Plaintiffs are still filing the lawsuits, where the three trial dates for Ethicon physiomesh have been scheduled. The first trial happened this year in November, and the second one is expected to take place next year in February, and the third is scheduled for May 2021. The lawsuits are expected to take two to three weeks to be resolved according to Judge Richard W. Story.

The trial for the Atrium C-QUR is now scheduled for January 2021. Initially, the date of the lawsuit trial was of this year, but Atrium filed the motion to reschedule it and take the trial till January 2021, because of the coronavirus pandemic issues. For the Bard Davol trials, no trial dates have been set yet. But for the lawsuits that were settled earlier by Bard Davol, the organization had paid $184 million to settle hernia mesh litigations back in 2011.

The damages you can be compensated with the help of a hernia mesh lawyer include:

  • Lost wages payment
  • Medical bills payment
  • Suffering compensation for the past, present, and future losses
  • Compensation for further surgeries taken in the future

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Yes, plaintiffs are continuously filing lawsuits against the Ethicon physiomesh, Atrium C-QUR, and Bard Davol. The damage that hernia mesh has done to the plaintiffs is bigger than it has to be filled by a lawsuit.

Lawsuits may resolve within three years. Depending on the circumstances of the damage, it may also take less than a year to resolve.

If hernia mesh lawsuits will be settled in the future, which are waiting for the trials, then the plaintiff’s expectedly get the compensation of $500,000 to $1,000,000 that also depends on the damage.

Hernia mesh remains in the body forever as it is said to be a permanent implant.

After the surgery for hernia mesh, patients have reportedly shown the symptoms of organ perforation and severe abdominal pain.