Hartz Shampoo Lawsuit Against Product Makers

Pet Illness prompts

Pets are often loved and cared for as they are part of the family.

People make sure that their pets are well cured and get the required nutrition.

Their care and hygiene remain an issue for the pet parents.

But sometimes in search of the best, people end up regretting the decision.

The same happened with the Hartz Shampoo Lawsuit

Hartz product manufacturer has been facing several lawsuits since 2009 due to its controversial products.

Numerous complaints about the brand and its products have been raised.

All this hype is about the shampoo products from Hartz, which is particularly used for cats and dogs.

Hartz came under fire when a post circulated on a social media platform about the Toxic product which led the animal to death.

The court is still hearing the plaintiffs’ complaints against the manufacturer and its alleged products.