Continuous deaths and Pet Illness prompts Hartz shampoo lawsuit against product makers

Pets are often loved and cared for as they are part of the family. Similarly, their care and hygiene remain an issue for the pet parents. People make sure that their pets are well cured and get the required nutrition.

But sometimes in search of the best, people end up regretting the decision. The same happened with the Hartz Shampoo Lawsuit that came to light when an increased number of plaintiffs filed suits alleging the company.

Hartz product manufacturer has been facing several lawsuits since 2009 due to its controversial products. Numerous complaints about the brand and its products have been raised by the customers warning others to not use them.

Unfortunately, most pet lovers don’t have exposure to these comments or warnings and buy Hartz products just because they boast about their products and sell them with nice packaging.

All this hype is about the flea and tick drops and shampoo products from Hartz, which is particularly used for cats and dogs. Hartz came under fire when a post circulated on a social media platform about the Toxic product which led the animal to death.

“A coworker used this shampoo on his dogs (Shitzus) last night and both dogs were dead within an hour. Turns out there is a pending? possible class action lawsuit against this brand because dogs (and cats) have died after using it.”

Unfortunate families seeking justice

Many pet parents have turned out to be unlucky after using Hartz products. On facing devastating results, they are now seeking justice. In search of justice, a website was created named, which calls victims of Hartz to share their part of the stories and let other people know how Hartz made you lose your pet.

This is what it’s About’ page says;

“The site was created shortly after my wife’s and my cat, Riley, fell victims to Hartz Advanced Care Flea and Tick drops. We nearly lost our little friend, but thanks to our vigilant vet, he luckily survived. I found very few resources on the web when Riley was affected by Hartz’s poison, so I started this Website to help others find information and to provide victims with a voice so their stories can be heard.”

Almost 400 pages on the website have been filled with the complaints and stories of the victim families and each of them can slit a pet lover’s heart.

A commenter on the website wrote;

“I had a Teacup Yorkie for several years. She was our baby. I gave her a bath in the Hartz shampoo and within a few hours she became lethargic and then seized and died before I could get her to the emergency vet.”

Todd Wagner, another victim wrote with a heavy heart;

“Our English bulldog all but died on us. He had to get a blood transfusion and stay multiple nights in the ER and the doctors prepped us that he had a high chance of not making it. This happened because his body was exposed to something that was making his red blood cells attack each other. 4 thousand dollars of vet bills later we are happy to have our baby still but DO NOT use this product.”

Hartz Shampoo Lawsuit

A series of lawsuits have been filed against flea and tick drops medication and shampoo manufacturers by the cat and dog owners. The lawsuits alleged the same complaints that their pets became ill and were made to death after using these products.

The recent lawsuit filed against the Hartz Mountains, allegedly stated that the flea and tick medication contained Pyrethrin or a mild version of the same chemical, which is significantly ‘known to poison animals.

The company is accused of violating New Jersey’s consumer laws, negligence and held liable for producing such harmful and dangerous products for animals with deadly chemicals.

In the lawsuit, a pet owner from California witnessed his Scottish Terrier die after three days when he treated him with flea and tick drops. Duffy the Scottish Terrier was taken to the veterinarian facility for treatment, as he did not appear well. Duffy dies on the vet’s table the same day. The vet reportedly stated that the reason for death was exposure to insecticide.

The suit also states that Rick Parson – pet (Duffy’s) parent contacted Hartz. The company reviewed the case and refused to take any responsibility saying that the dog’s death was the result of some lingering health problems. ” The suit goes on to state “in 2008 alone, there were approximately 48,000 reports of adverse events from the spot-on or squeeze-on products including pyrethrins, Permethrin, or other pyrethroids.”

US Media reports have shown that the EPA – Environmental Protection Agency, responsible for regulating these products have noticed a ‘sharp increase in adverse consequences.’ as a result of these products.

The advisory also said; Adverse reactions reported range from mild effects such as skin irritation to more serious effects such as seizures, and in some cases, death of the pet.”

Updates on the Hartz Shampoo lawsuit

A jury in Texas awarded $4,440.75 to Frank Bowers in a small class-action lawsuit he filed on a claim court alleging Hartz Mountain for losing his Olde English Bulldog, Diesel.

The jury panel of six members took less than 30 minutes to reach a unanimous decision, to sum up, the case in Bowers favor. The court stated,

“When the bailiff walked in the courtroom and said we have a unanimous decision, I nearly passed out,” said Bowers, who represented himself in the court action. “The jury said ‘we find Mr. Bowers’ integrity outweighed what was presented by (Hartz) attorney. He lost an animal of value and all costs he’s out are awarded to him.’”

The court is still hearing the plaintiffs’ complaints against the manufacturer and its alleged products. If you are having or planning to buy Hartz Shampoo or other products, it is suggested to make sure you read the article carefully before you end up making a decision.

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