What happened in the premier protein lawsuit and how did it get settled?

Who does not want a fit and healthy life? Are you the one who can easily fall for any advertisement for fitness? However, these false advertisements can absolutely damage your health and leave its side effects as well. Generally, when a known company starts facing criticism about their product especially related to health, you may get confused or scared to buy it. The real question is what brought the premier protein lawsuit in limelight? Continue reading this article to know how the premier protein lawsuit got settled and how consumers and companies encountered the allegations. This article covers the following topics.

About protein shake

Protein shakes are usually made with multiple minerals and artificial flavors. It comes in liquid and powder form and it is actually used by fitness freaks to maintain their healthy diet. But, is it really healthy? Although, it has its advantages while on the other hand, it also has its disadvantages.

Advantages and disadvantages of protein shakes

Following are the advantages and disadvantages of protein shakes.


  • Performance level

The use of protein shake helps you improve your body performance.  Intake of protein shakes boosts your energy level that speeds up your motion performance and it burns your carbs.

  • Help to lose weight

Protein shakes help in multiple ways in body weight. As it burns your carbs which helps to lose weight and it also maintains your current body weight. Intake of protein shake also boosts your metabolism.

  • Growth of muscles

Protein shakes contain 9 main amino acids that help to grow muscles strong. The consumption of protein shakes is better than other supplements.

  • Recovers injuries

Protein shakes also help to recover injuries. Recovery depends on the intensity of exercise. In addition, the recovery is painless.

  • Decrease your hunger hormones

A protein shake is already had filling properties of carbs and fats which help you to stop gaining extra food by reducing the hunger hormones.

  • Prevent illness

It boosts the immunity system and reduces the risks of lower blood pressure. It also helps in blood flow which reduces the sugar level in the blood and boosts insulin sensitivity. 

  • Reasonable price

Users of protein shakes claim that it is less expensive than other supplements.


  • Nutrition

Basically, intake of protein shake is a nutrition loss per se. A protein shake does not treat your body with enough amount of carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats.

  • Challenging taste

On the other hand, because of its bad taste user find its intake difficult. Some people prefer to mix it with another juice flavor for better taste.

  • Deficiency of nutrients

Many people try to replace protein shakes with food for the long term which causes nutrient deficiency.

  • Help you to gain weight instead of losing

Daily intake of protein shakes for the long term will increase your weight instead of losing. However, always read instructions before using it

  • Harmful

The proper dose of protein shakes is harmful. Although, if you have kidney and liver problems protein shake can cause other complications as well. Overdose will cause you high blood cholesterol, elevated heart disease, dysfunction of the liver, and kidney problems.

Premier protein lawsuit

In 2018, Premier Nutrition Cooperation faced a nationwide controversy. Plaintiff and defendant solved this action lawsuit with a $9 million settlement amount. Plaintiff questioned the false advertisement of premier protein shakes. Furthermore, the plaintiff stated that this drink does not contain enough proteins as they have shown in their advertisement and on product labels. Additionally, the statement blames that the product label shows the containment of 30 grams, but in reality, it only contains two to five grams of protein. The defendant was not agreeing with the statements. However, they claimed it is wrong information. 

Settlement cheques

 Through social media sources, the case demonstrates the Premier Protein Shake company is giving settlement cheques up to $17.20 to all the top-class viewers. While on the other side top-class action members are also receiving settlement cheques of $40. The defendant company decided to give $9 million as funds in cash.

The settlement cheques were only given to those who are Top class members who buy Premier Protein Shakes in the United States. Especially, in between from August-8th-2018 to October1-2th-2018. The company gives settlement cheques to the top action class flavors on the following shakes.

  • Cookies and cream
  • Peaches and cream
  • Banana and cream
  • Organic chocolate
  • Caramel
  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate
  • Strawberry and cream
  • Mixed berry
  • Organic vanilla

Product labeling that leads to class action lawsuits

  • No added sugar

In some cases, there are juice companies that have been sued for 100% no added sugar.

  • Added sugar

Some product labels contain 20 grams of added sugar and got sued as they demonstrated their product as nutritious and healthy.

  • Processed food that contains fruits and vegetables

Companies that produce fruits and vegetables usually face action lawsuits because of comparing the food with real fruits and vegetables. 

  • Natural products

There are no FDA rules or any evaluation that can differentiate between what is natural and what is not. However, the companies that claim their products are natural are at risk. Such companies can face action lawsuits anytime.

  • Omitting ingredients from the product

If a product contains omitting ingredients even in a small amount can also lead to an action lawsuit.


Taking care of your health is always a smart choice. But giving your body artificial nutrients can damage your health. However, before using any product which can affect your body read the product label whether it is suitable for your health or not. Although, consult a fitness expert for healthy diets. 

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